Party Tricks, Homeland, Scorpion repeats

2014-10-07_2323A number of readers have been asking about replays of TEN shows they missed.

Hope this helps:

9:30pm Party Tricks

8:30pm Scorpion

8:30pm Homeland “The Drone Queen”
6:30pm Scorpion
8:30pm Homeland “Trylon And Perisphere”
8:30pm Gold Coast Cops
9:00pm Territory Cops


  1. Secret Squirrel

    Everyone can stop writing those letters to the Minister for Motorsport as TV guides have now been updated to show F1 qualy at 6:30pm (live) for WA viewers. All’s right with the world again (except for hunger, disease, and injustice).

  2. @Secret Squirrel – you are right but I think the TV guide may be wrong. Due to daylight savings and another thing why can’t One air Scorpion after F1 qualifying?

  3. Secret Squirrel

    @William – official F1 site has qualy starting at 3pm Sochi time which is 7pm Perth time. All of the TV guides I have seen have the pre-race show starting at 7:30 with qualy at 8pm on One; ie a 1 hour delay. Happy if either F1 site is not accurate or TV guides are wrong and the show will be starting at 6:30pm but I’ve not seen any evidence of that, your confident assertion notwithstanding.

  4. @Secret Squirrel – F1 will be live on ONE in WA and not delayed by an hour as per your comment. F1 qualifying has been live since 2009 on One and/or Ten

  5. Secret Squirrel

    Seriously, who makes these decisions? We had a double-ep of Homeland starting on Mon at 9:30+ and therefore not finishing until ~11:30pm with a work day following, but on Fri it starts an hour earlier with the weekend to follow but they are only going to show half of the double-ep!??

    Here’s an idea for free, you’ve currently got Fri 9:30 on 10 as “TBA” so why not put Scorpion on One at 8:30 and then have the Homeland double-ep from 8:30-10:30 on 10. Scorpion is a basket-case anyway so you’re prob better off with Homeland on 10 where it’ll get more eyeballs.

    And it looks like someone at Ten doesn’t know (or doesn’t care) that WA is not on DST – I just noticed that F1 qualy is going to be an hour late in Perth but other states will get it live? What gives?

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