Renewed: Under the Dome, Extant. Axed: Reckless

2014-07-07_2218CBS has confirmed plans for three US dramas all of which air in Australia on TEN.

Under the Dome and Extant (surprisingly!) have both been renewed but new drama Reckless, which premiered on TEN this week, has been axed.

Under the Dome changed has been summer fare for CBS, averaging 9.4 million total US viewers with a 2.2 rating among adults 18-49.

Extant starring Halle Berry has struggled in Australia but a CBS deal with Amazon offsets its costs. Despite being moved in the CBS schedule, the series has been a solid performer with 7 day viewing averaging 8.6 million total viewers and a 1.7 in the demo.

Southern legal soap Reckless averaged 4 million total US viewers and will not return. It premiered on TEN on Wednesday night to 79,000 viewers.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Love Extant … but how do you follow on from that season finale? Wow! Halle Berry gives this show a lot of it’s strength … it struggles in Aus because of the time it is on!!!!
    Under The Dome I also love … Stephen King Sci-Fi is a sure fire winner for me!
    Never watched Reckless… 🙂

  2. I never watched or started Under the Dome so can’t comment yet.

    I tried to PVR Extant but Ten screwed it around so much I lost a few eps off my PVR and deleted it all from my PVR as there was so much other stuff available and I assumed it would make no sense now.

    From comments here – it seems that some people “gave up” on Extant and found it a bit slow/boring but I may try again now we know that S2 is on the way.

  3. I gave up watching Extant expecting it to be cancelled and didn’t want to get invested in it. Looks like i’ll be watching the rest of it that is on my PVR.

    I knew UTD would return. Its a good series which always has me guessing, i will admit though, the ending to the finale was very underwhelming.

  4. Under The Dome was an attempt to do a low budget summer show that was a bit more interesting. It looked like most of the budget was spent on CGI and not scripts or direction. The S2 was better made.

    It’s a mini-series in US terms because only 13 eps a season are made. It was always intended to be renewed and they made no attempt to resolve any of the major plots in S1.

    Extant was an attempt to do a summer show with a higher budget, since Under The Dome had proven so profitable. It still had over 5m viewers by the end of the season and overseas sales. Which is not bad for a summer show and enough for CBS, Amazon and Spielberg to keep in on air anyway.

  5. Same thing happened with Prison Break which was originally made for one season but went on for another three. I guess if the huge ratings come in the first season like what Under the Dome got then they’ll milk the show for all its worth beyond its normal lifespan.

  6. I’m surprised but glade Extant got renewed given how it ended.

    Wasn’t Under the Dome original pegged as a ‘mini’ series with a limited run. Would have much preferred it been limited to one season, just seems to be dragging on now.

  7. I love both Under the Dome and Extant and am very excited to see where the shows will go next season. Reckless was a good show but I can see why people wouldn’t like it.

  8. I stuck with Under the Dome through both seasons and will watch the third. IMO season 2 was better than season 1. New characters of Sam and Rebecca made things interesting, creating new conflicts. I also enjoyed the Zenith storyline and seeing Barbie’s Dad.

    I hope they kill off Big Jim in the next premiere though. Getting tired of him changing between good and evil at the drop of a hat

  9. UTD-dumbest, most poorly written scripted show on TV-a disgrace that features the most appropriate line in TV-“Make it stop, make it stop!” (uttered twice in a recent ep).

  10. The 2nd season of Under the Dome started off slow but picked up a bit halfway through. The third season needs to be as compelling as the first to survive beyond a 3rd season.

  11. It’s just crazy that Extant has been renewed. I’m sure there are other things at play with that decision (including the Aamzon offsets mentioned).

    Even having stayed the course of the entire season 1, I won’t even bother with ep.1 of season 2.

  12. Secret Squirrel

    I stopped watching UtD about 10 mins into the third ep of S1 because it was stupid, and gave up on Extant after maybe 4 eps because it was dull. Didn’t know reckless was on.

  13. Reckless was actually a really good shows the chemistry in the two leads was great, the only misfire was the season finale. Was dissapointing how the case worked out

  14. I’ve never even heard of Reckless let alone it beginning this week on TEN, no wonder it only got 79K viewers! What time was it on, 10.38pm? I’m guessing TEN will pull this one now it has been axed and started so poorly here.
    I gave up on Under the Dome in about episode 3 or 4 of this recent season, it should never have exceeded its original one season arrangement.

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