Report: Historic ABC location may be home to ‘graves’

2014-10-31_0249A former location used in 1970s ABC series Rush has become a crime scene, amid reports of ‘graves’ having been discovered.

The area in Garigal ­National Park, north of Sydney, has been sealed off by police.

“Apparently there was once a television series called Rush. In the 1994 fires in this area most or any of the remaining sets used were destroyed,” a parks and wildlife service spokeswoman told The Daily Telegraph.

The newspaper reports recent hazard-burning activity had revealed the long-forgotten set, but authorities were checking to see if it is a sacred Aboriginal site.

Colonial series Rush had 2 seasons on the ABC from 1974, and starred John Waters, Alwyn Kurts and Olivia Hamnett, with music by Brian May.

It was later parodied and revoiced by the D Generation’s Late Show as “The Olden Days.”

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  1. The first series was filmed in Melbourne. It was reworked for a second colour season in Sydney with only Waters returning using left-over sets from Ben Hall (wikipedia). The Garigal National Park is in the middle of Northern Sydney – Abbott country.

    A friend of mine and his sister appeared as kids lost in the bush with David Gulpilil in #2.10 The Kadaitcha Man.

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