Returning: Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery

2014-10-06_2204Julia Zemiro is back with a new series of Home Delivery as guests reminisce over the people, places and events that influenced them.

Appearing in this nine-part series -including three in the UK are– Dave Hughes; Wendy Harmer; Julia Morris; Nazeem Hussain; Sam Simmons, Stephen Curry, Bill Bailey, Ross Noble and Ruth Jones.

Julia Zemiro is an interviewer of great charm, wit and depth. She puts her guests at ease with her genuine curiosity and warmth, and they respond by opening up and sharing parts of their lives not usually revealed to interviewers. She plays along with her comedic companions in a way that delights and entertains but she is also an astute and sensitive listener, willing to probe and ask the difficult questions.

Each trip back in time is as different as the performers are themselves. Some revel in returning to place they grew up and may not have seen in years and share happy memories and heart -warming anecdotes. For others, returning to the scenes of their formative years is a more complicated and bittersweet experience.

All guests set off on their ‘day of Delivery’ willing to go deep. They reveal personal stories from their childhoods to the present day. hey open up about their Mums and Dads, brothers and sisters. They spill their guts, share their stories both happy and sad and give the viewer real insight into the performer within and the person they are.

Guest for the first episode is Dave Hughes.

Wednesday October 15 at 9.00pm, ABC.


  1. Love a bit of Julia. I think I only saw the Noelene Brown ep of her last series. Looks like a few goodies in this, Dave Hughes, Wendy Harmer, Stephen Curry.

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