Rumour: Seven tipped for Gallipoli VC Heroes

Exclusive: Seven planning a 9 part series re-enacting the story of a Victoria Cross hero, for the 100th Centenary of Gallipoli.

2014-10-26_0117EXCLUSIVE: TV Tonight hears whispers Seven is planning to mark the 100th centenary of Gallipoli next year with a 9 part series with Gallipoli VC Heroes (possible working title).

Each episode is expected to re-enact the story of a Victoria Cross hero using actors. Amongst the Australian recipients of VCs at Gallipoli were Frederick Tubb, Hugo Throssell, William Symons and Alfred Shout.

The series is tipped to run on Sunday nights early next year.

Seven also has funding in Russell Crowe’s movie The Water Diviner, which sees an Australian man travel to Turkey after the Battle of Gallipoli to try and locate his three missing sons.

The 100th centenary will also be marked by Nine’s sprawling Gallipoli miniseries produced by John Edwards, while Foxtel has Deadline Gallipoli, featuring Sam Worthington.

Seven will confirm its 2015 highlights at its annual Upfronts this week.

It is also tipped not to be proceeding with drama pilot Hartman’s Solution as a full series.

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  1. David, assume Seven’s is a doco with some re-enactments as opposed to a drama?

    There’ll only be so much the public will take, but Nine have theirs in the can, as do Foxtel, so they’ll all go early, will just boil down to who’s is the superior product and has the best platform over summer to launch (Cricket vs tennis).

  2. Agree Rutzie. Lets not forget, or put in the back ground these brave individual people who did things above and beyond the call of duty, all of our armed forces past and present were/are fantastic, thank you to all of them.

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