1. About an hour ago, I received a post on my Facebook feed announcing the “exciting news” that House Rules will be having two seasons in 2015. That means that Seven have MKR, House Rules x 2, The X-Factor and DWTS as prime time reality shows next year. Viewer fatigue, much? Somehow, I think DWTS is going to be rested next year to make way for the second 2015 series of House Rules. They couldn’t possibly fit all those shows in, given that reality shows have 12 week runs.

  2. @mason

    I too stopped watching arrow after a few episodes on season 1 but read somewhere that it had improved so gave it another chance after watching the season 1 recap. The recap was enough to pick up the series in season 2.

  3. @Pertinax

    I think we might eventually see the final few episodes of season 2 but I highly doubt they will even bother to air season 3.


    Nine have a bad habit of either bury their shows at ridiculously late timeslots or taking them off air altogether instead of doing the right thing by their viewers and putting it on a multichannel.

  4. I stoppped watching Arrow during season 1 but we are seriously deluded if we think networks will leave a series alone, it is becoming a rare beast for any series to maintain a timeslot. Better to buy the DVD I reckon. Commercial stations in this country really treat us with disdain these days so I’m really happy to give them less of my time. Thanks to David for fighting the fight for us though.

  5. Arrow is only rating a couple of hundred thousand.
    Nine are just using it to fill in before midnight when they have a short movie.

    Still only 3 eps to so hopefully we will get to the end before non-ratings. Though Nine could hold back the last episode like they have done with Person of Interest and The Mentalist in the past.

  6. @Jake S – great comment and observation. Let’s see which show gets renewed next year and that would validate the importance (or lack of importance) of demos.

  7. The interesting question, depending on your point of view I suppose, is which was more successful last night – DWTS or BB?

    Dancing had more total viewers, but seemingly few of them under 55, where as the smaller audience BB got were smack bang in the advertiser’s fave demos.

  8. Agreed Rutzie – that was way too long, very little actually happening. I recorded (working til late at the moment) and ended up watching most of it at double speed, playing at normal speed when there was anything interesting. There was not a lot of normal speed…

  9. Really p*ss*d right now after reading comments below that there is no arrow next week. I really regret giving the show a chance because nine treats their viewers like crap. Why don’t they just put it on GO and leave it alone. Serves you right that big brother has tanked when you treat your viewers like sh*t.

  10. I agree. It is so hard to content to the housemates when there is soooo little content. Marina got 3% of the vote, but she was only in the house for like 4 episodes how can anyone connect with that?? Ch 9 if you don’t want to give Nine content give GEM an hour show 6 days a week and bonus shows on Nine.

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