Soul Mates: Oct 23

2014-10-21_1530Bondi Hipster’s new 6 part comedy series Soul Mates begins on Thursday with Christiaan Van Vuuren and Nick Boshieras two kindred spirits trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth across four different lifetimes.

It’s an offbeat half hour as they appear as Cavemen 50,000 years ago, 1981 Kiwi Assassins, present day Bondi Hipsters and a Travel Time office in 2093.

In each lifetime the characters are different, but parts of each relationship remain, and with no knowledge of their past lives they are forever drawn together as best mates.

In episode one, Death and Rebirth, the Cavemen, Rocky (Christiaan) and Sticks (Nick), explore sex and death in a time of true discovery. The Bondi Hipsters, Adrian Archer (Nick) and Dom Nadier (Christiaan), experiment with Ayahuasca – unaware of its purpose. New Zealand trains a pair of Assassins, Roger Blade (Christiaan) and Terry Thinge (Nick), to protect its people and inventions from Australia; and two Travel Time employees, Dave (Christiaan) and Rob (Nick), have their relationship tested when one is promoted.

Thursday October 23 at 9.30pm ABC2.


  1. Shame they are putting this on ABC2 and not on ABC1 after Upper Middle Bogan / It’s a Date. Hopefully they’ll do some promos to try and get people to switch over. It’s also pretty late in the year to be launching a new Australian comedy.

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