The Project interview scores biggest-ever audience

2014-08-15_1454The Project‘s interview with The Bachelor‘s Blake and Sam hit the mark for TEN scoring its best figures this year. Divided into two half hours the show scored 1.19m for 7pm and 793,000 for 6:30pm. Across the hour it was the biggest-ever audience for the TEN show.

Later in the night, Party Tricks had a good debut for TEN at 710,000 viewers given recent outings. Both shows helped to push TEN in front of ABC for Monday night -a rarity.

While Nine won the night in primary figures, Seven’s multichannels got it over the line in Total People.

Seven Network won the night with a 29.4% share then Nine 29.2%, TEN 19.9%, ABC 17.9% and SBS 3.8%.

Seven News (1.12m / 1.01m) was best for Seven then X Factor (1.06m), Home and Away (958,000), The Blacklist (945,000), Million Dollar Minute (616,000), Agents of SHIELD (489,000). The Goldbergs was 237,000 / 127,000.

The Block topped the night with an impressive 1.48m for Nine then Nine News (1.16m / 1.12m), A Current Affair (929,000), Big Brother (673,000), Hot Seat (619,000) and Big Bang (371,000 / 300,000).

The Project (1.19m / 793,000) topped TEN’s night followed by the debut of Party Tricks (710,000) -second in its slot. But the new drama had to rebuild from its lead in of Gold Coast Cops (698,000) and especially Territory Cops (575,000). TEN Eyewitness News was 657,000 and a refreshed Homeland returned with 307,000 / 208,000.

Australian Story (869,000) was best for ABC then ABC News (786,000), 7:30 (709,000), Four Corners (658,000), Media Watch (611,000), Q & A (514,000 / 56,000) and QI (401,000).

It was a tough night at SBS with The Island with Bear Grylls (198,000), Snowtrapped (138,000), SBS World News (124,000), Legally Brown (110,000) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (74,000).

7TWO’s Judge John Deed ruled multichannels at 306,000.

Sunrise: 320,000
Today: 261,000
ABC News Breakfast: 62,000 / 50,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 6 October 2014


  1. Yeah unfortunately I’m also not enjoying Rove in the Charlie seat. He lacks that gravitas that Charlie and Waleed were able to bring to the table when required. The Pete seat has got the comedy covered. Having Rove there as well tips the scales too far towards the light entertainment side, and there’s not enough serious discussion of politics and current events.

  2. I think this shows that The Project can rate highly if they focus on more exclusives, stories that appeal to a wider audience, and had a network with a better back schedule. I feel that if The Project targeted those mass stories you see on 60 Mins/Sunday Night/ACA, and maintainted their authentic feel, the show could easily be rating 200-300k more. Some stories are hit and miss, and there is a lot of unneccessary cross promo. Will be interesting to see if some of the audience watches again tonight, or their ratings just go back to the norm.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    I like Rove as a person…I enjoyed Rove Live…but I gave up watching The Project when he came into the hosting role…as I did not feel he suited this particular format….I do watch sometimes on Friday if I remember….before I watch TLR.

  4. Yes David, you do an excellent job and I have watched shows because I have seen your blog. Normally a daily reader but must of missed this one. I do watch a bit of TEN but never once seen any promotion of Homeland.

  5. I really hope Ten or one of their digitals can repeat Homeland otherwise I will wait for DVD. Really annoyed that there was little promotion as I love Homeland.

  6. Secret Squirrel

    @jonno – same here. Don’t watch Ten apart from the F1 but had intended to watch Homeland. I saw the double ep in the online TV guide and assumed that they were repeats.

  7. I used to be a big Rove fan but over the past few weeks he has been very annoying trying to be funny. You could see Carrie and Pete were not amused at his over the top antics last night. Bring back Charlie!!!

  8. It is sad to see my concerns about Rove becoming a main cast member of The Project have come to fruition. The show itself is terrific, and Rove is a great comedian, but trying to force humour on a news program just isn’t productive. Don’t get me wrong, I love The Project’s ability to incorporate news and comedy into a single hour, but trying to force laughs and being overly dramatic have no place in such a format. At least with the likes of Charlie and Waleed they knew how to treat the show with respect by being serious say 70% of the time but also joking where appropriate. Just my 2 cents worth.

  9. Same as Jennome, I was watching Ten from 6:30 til 11:30 last night (minus X Factor instead of the cop shows). Already said this in the TV Lounge thread but Homeland’s premiere was a great reboot for the series with many unexpected twists.

    Party Tricks was also very well done, I shall be back for the second episode. I also second the others that Rove was going OTT last night, usually am a fan of his but last night he was a little condescending to fans of the Bachelor

  10. I completely disagree with all previous comments. The whole premise of the interview was gaining more publicity for TEN and the bachelor (They ran an add for the 2015 season of The Bachelor)…Rove made the whole show more enjoyable. Hopefully these ratings continue for TEN and The Project.

  11. Yeah, I don’t expect many people knew about homeland at all. I watch 10 quite a bit and only caught the promo for it watching the reruns of neighbours on 11 on Sunday (the day before homeland returned).

  12. We watched TEN all last night, from 6.30 until the closing credits of the double Homeland episode. It was a great night.

    But who knew Homeland was back? I don’t remember seeing any promos, only interminable ones for Party Tricks. Homeland is looking good !

  13. I’m so glad I’m not the only one to find Rove’s behaviour on The Project to be terrible. The Project is one of the limited shows I watch on network television, one of the few Australian shows I actually watch and probably the only one I do so live. Rove is turning me off big time. He’s always trying for a laugh but comes off as a desperate, pathetic attention seeker past his prime. Last night was just horrendous. He took away from what could have been a way of grabbing new viewers and he’s turning off regular viewers as well. He struggles with anything serious. This is a news show first and foremost. Rove is not a newsman and shouldn’t be fronting the show as the male anchor. Ten need to pull him in line and start looking for a replacement for next year as soon as possible.

  14. Probably why TEN retained the proposal in The Bachelor rather than editing out. It creates conversation, boosts ratings for The Project and will hopefully bring in more viewers next season.
    I didn’t see The Project, or anything on TEN for that matter last night.

  15. Rove’s acting pretty much as normal, but unfortunately, he’s proving to be more and more ‘try hard’ and that can be a turn-off to many. These days many may call it OTT. At least he brings that element of surprise, willing to buck the system and be up-front with viewers largely without fear or favour. TEN needs to continue that culture.

  16. TasTVcameraman

    The behaviour of Rove last night was not called for at all.

    Good figures for “Party Tricks” and excellent figures for The Project, who said the brand has been damaged for the Batchelor .

  17. Wow. I know the numbers are skewed by ‘that’ interview..but numbers are up across the board – has everyone suddenly realised that TEN exists on Mondays? As for the x factor, people can find out who’s left in the news today without sitting through 500 guest performances

  18. There is no doubt in my mind that the Bachelor Debacle was planned right from the beginning to perfectly coincide with the launch of Party Tricks with massive Project lead-in numbers. Everyone wins.

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