Tully critiques Big Brother season

Tully returns to BB - 1What does a former Big Brother contestant think about the current series?

2013’s Tully Smith has written a piece for News Corp.

Amongst her observations:

I’m not going to lie; it’s hard to deny the amount of ‘surprises’ that have been dealt out so early in the game. A double eviction and intruder already? Whaaaaaa?

I’m not sure if it’s the later timeslot, the combination of housemates or the new ‘game show’ feel but something just isn’t resonating with audiences like it has in the past.

The pairs stunt was very interesting and definitely had us 2014 housemates talking (“Oh my god imagine if we’d been paired up- nightmare!”) however as with the ‘Half Way House’ wall, it didn’t last very long and therefore had only a slight impact on the game overall.

Gemma’s eviction was awful and hard to watch, plain and simple. The general feeling about Gemma from the other housemates had been made (painfully) obvious, so the producers would have had a very strong idea how the eviction would have played out had Jake and Gemma been the pair with the least number of votes to save.

I was also a bit sad. Sad for the Big Brother crew that things we’re obviously at such a lull that they needed to wheel out Tim again to spice things up. The producers and crew at Big Brother, the housemates past and present, Channel 9 as a network … they will always be family to me and I only want success for the show.

But she is nevertheless heavily invested in the format, and optimistic about its outlook:

Big Brother is one of the originals and, in my opinion, one of the best. There is simply nothing else like it on TV and the fan base for it as a program is ginormous and strong. I have every faith that once it replaces The Block and settles back into a more ‘family friendly’ timeslot those things will improve.

And I’ll be watching, every night, like the fan girl I always was.

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  1. thatsnicmeyers

    I agree the late time slot and (at least for me in VIC) the switching channels mid week is a mistake. How do you get invested in a show that it becomes an effort to watch?

    Like most people (from what I’ve read here and elsewhere) I was bored by the first week. I think all the housemates were just trying to be “polite” and not make enemies too quickly. Gemma tried to rock the boat and look where that got her.

    I’ve always loved the fishbowl aspect of the show so the antics and “twists” come off as superficial at best. I have warmed to these housemates now though and I agree once the scheduling is steady, ratings may improve.

  2. I completely agree with everything she said.

    I found the first week of Big Brother particularly boring and uneventful. But since players have become single and a few people have got evicted people are actually starting to play the game and things are becoming more interesting, and will continue to do so.

    At the moment the show has an average audience of 700,000 viewers and i think that when the block finally finishes and it moves to 7.30 its average audience will greatly increase. If only it had been at that earlier timeslot from the beginning!

  3. I can’t connect with the show. I use to love it when it was on Ten. The late night time slot is not working and with a massive lead in it proves the show is not grabbing nor holding the audience.Time has moved on and so should the show.

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