Under 24s viewers love online, Over 65s heart broadcast.

2014-10-10_0048Viewers aged 18-24 are watching the least amount of Live television but the most viewing on PC / Laptop.

A survey indicates they view 45:50hrs Live viewing per month and 13:02hrs per month of online video on PC / Laptop.

By contrast viewers aged 65+ average 152:20hrs per month of Live TV viewing and just 3:13hr of online video by PC / Laptop.

The key 25-54 demo watch 77:56hrs of Live viewing and 9:49hrs of online video.

Meanwhile teenagers watch the most amount of video on a smartphone at 8:48hrs per month.

The latest Australian Multi-Screen Report shows Australians average 3 hours per day of broadcast television (both free-to-air and subscription) on their in-home TV sets -and increase of 26 minutes based on the same period in 2013.

91.8% of all in-home TV viewing was Live and 8.2% was playback (Timeshifted).

Total use of the television screen has also risen, reflecting more devices attached to the TV set, and smart TVs connecting to the internet. Smart TVs are now in 27% of homes, up from 22 per cent a year ago. 80% of homes have an internet connection, 42% of homes have tablets and 71% of Australians aged 16+ own a smartphone. 55% of homes have at least one PVR.

But while Live and playback viewing have been steady for the past two years, there is an increase of TV use for purposes such as gaming and internet. However secondary TV screen usage has not come at the expense of live or playback viewing in the past year.

OzTAM CEO Doug Peiffer said: “The Multi-Screen Report shows Australian viewing habits are changing gradually rather than dramatically. Secondary use of the TV set is bringing more people in front of the TV, increasing the overall amount of time spent with the big screen and reinforcing its place as the household ‘main screen’. And even as connected © 2014 OzTAM, Nielsen, Regional TAM. All rights reserved devices increase the range of viewing options, Australians of all ages still spend the
majority of their screen time watching live broadcast television on in-home TV sets.”

Summary of key findings April – June 2014
• Australians watch on average 97 hours and 03 minutes (97:03) of broadcast TV on traditional television sets per month – up 26 minutes per month year-on-year (YOY).
• 91.8% of all broadcast TV viewing is Live, with Playback of broadcast content that viewers record and watch within seven days accounting for 8.2% (7:58 per month).
• 100% of Australian television homes can access digital terrestrial television (DTT) channels. 94% can do so on every working household TV set.
• 55% of homes have PVRs; 14% have two or more (Q2 2013: 54%; 14%).
• Household internet penetration is stable at 80%.
• Australians spend on average 39:27 per month online.
• 27% of homes have internet-capable TVs, whether connected or not (22% in Q2 2013).
• 42% of homes have tablets (33% in Q2 2013). Across the online population aged 16+, people claim to spend an average 1:47 per month using tablets to watch any online video – which can include both broadcast and non-broadcast material.
• 71% of Australians aged 16+ own a smartphone (65% in Q2 2013) and self-report an average 1:56 per month viewing any video on these devices (1:20 a year earlier).
• 13.516 million Australians watch some video on the Internet each month (including TV broadcast and non-broadcast content): an average of 8:08 per month. Such viewing is highest among people aged 18-24 (13:02).


  1. @tex – I wonder how I’d fit in as well! I’m 41, watch 35 hours of downloaded content a week via Apple TV/laptop on my TV set & 3 hours maximum of live TV. So yes, I’m in front of my TV screen for 40 hours a week but I’m not watching TV! The only show I watch live is The Project, everything else is from overseas & inline with their TV schedules, I never wait for anything to be released here. Also, it’s only anecdotal but out of everyone I know, from kids through to 60+, only 2 people regularly watch live TV. The rest download or PVR nearly everything & it is viewed on their TV screens. Even my 67 year old Dad just watches downloaded content now!

  2. Something that’s always amused me about these press releases is how they’re carefully worded to associate on-line viewing with laptops/ipads, and broadcast/PayTV with “proper” TV screens.

    I wonder how my partner and I, a pair of 40-somethings who watch 10-15hrs a week of online/downloaded content on their TV (plus another 2-4 hours on iPad weekly), fit into that? And will the reporting change if people start caring about Freeview Plus?

  3. I would love to know how many people actually took part in the survey and what the socio economic demographics are. The figures for how much content is viewed online seems very low and the figures for watching live TV seem too high. If that many people are still watching live TV why are the ratings across the board so low? And why are piracy levels so high?

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