Upper Middle Bogan: Oct 23

2014-10-23_1121Tonight on Upper Middle Bogan it’s all about sex education and lingerie parties.

Robyn Nevin gets a dose of physical comedy and there’s an appearance too by Sue Jones from The Time of our Lives.

Paired with It’s a Date (and Soul Mates on ABC2) there is plenty of local comedy tonight on ABC.

After Oscar and Edwina’s sex education night at school, Oscar leaves enthralled and keen to learn all he can about sex. It leads Bess and Danny to argue about their own sex life, which, Danny feels has been interrupted ever since the Wheelers came along. Bess is concerned that they might be in a rut.

When Oscar passes this on to the Wheelers, Wayne and Julie think it’s important to offer some sex advice, which they do, freely and often. They encourage Bess and Danny to undertake the Seven Days of Sex Challenge, and to help spice things up for them, gift Bess some ‘underwow’ underwear from Brianna’s latest business venture.

8:30pm tonight on ABC.

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