Would somebody please direct George Negus to camera front?

2014-10-23_1600Next week’s episode of Media Circus could well make a few gags at George Negus’ expense after his appearance last night in which he spent nearly a whole segment staring blankly at a video screen.

The ‘Pundemonium’ segment required team members to guess the bad puns in oddball TV news reports (you know the kind).

It wasn’t so much that George wasn’t able to offer any ideas, but that the poor bloke spent most of the segment staring at the words on the screen behind him.

Perhaps he was looking for inspiration, but it reminded me of people who stare blankly at a TV test pattern as if expecting something magical to happen.

It was pretty clear he hadn’t been rehearsed in the segment (not his fault). Was there a monitor in front of him? Probably.

YouTube has the full episode but pick up from 34:50 to take a gander at “Cows on the Loose in Launceston.”

It’s not gonna change by staring at it, George!


  1. I felt sorry for him being on that type of show. He just didn’t seem comfortable at all, occasionally they asked him to tell some stories and it seemed serious and then they just cracked some joke at the end.

    I like the Chaser shows but this one doesn’t seem to be as good as the others they have done.

  2. daveinprogress

    I didn’t see the first ep; but saw this week’s and although i got a lotta laughs, was surprised at how clunky the staging and direction of it was. It lacked the flow and pace of the Chaser boys previous work. It looked hastily thrown together.

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