X Factor grand final outranks Seven simulcast

Ratings: Seven simulcasts two channels to launch The Big Adventure but X Factor's Grand Final proved to be its winning card.

cfgrfSeven’s Grand Final of The X Factor pulled the best numbers for Sunday at 1.32m with its later starting and finishing time due to the launch of The Big Adventure.

But The Big Adventure was simulcast across two channels, Family Feud-style, and separate numbers for Seven’s primary channel have not been supplied.

With X Factor wrapping at 10pm Seven network easily won the night with a 35.1% share then Nine 25.9%, TEN 17.5%, ABC 14.9% and SBS 6.7%.

Elsewhere for Seven were Seven News (1.03m) and  Castle (658,000).

60 Minutes (1.09m) was best for Nine followed by Nine News (1.03m), The Embassy debut (849,000) and a drop for Gotham (698,000). Movie: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was 317,000, arguably lower than the numbers Nine could have managed with a Big Brother episode it abandoned.

Modern Family (660,000 / 521,000) was best for TEN then Scorpion (659,000), TEN Eyewitness News (526,000) which all lifted on the preceding week, NCIS: New Orleans (417,000), MotoGP (389,000 / 383,000), Bondi Rescue (335,000) and The Graham Norton Show (227,000).

ABC News (893,000) topped ABC’s night. Doctor Who was 637,000 / 81,000 which also lifted, The Code was 555,000, Malala: Life After the Taliban was 482,000 but Mad Dogs was just 187,000.

Greeks Roman Vikings: The Founders of Europe was best on SBS ONE at 323,000 followed by Battle of Kings (251,000), SBS World News (229,000) and Movie: Being Elmo (104,000).

The Simpsons Movie on ELEVEN topped multichannels at 262,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 19 October 2014

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  1. X Factor lacked stand out singers this year. and two singing comnpoetitions in a row was not good for it either.
    The BIg Adventure was something new and fresh though.
    Thoroughly enjoyed – as did the whole family.
    It was fun to watch.
    Hope it does well.

  2. The big problem with The X Factor this year is not the talent but the judges. Its time for a refresh and i think after what Ronan said last night he is leaving and the others might be shown the door too. I watched the finale last night and half of the time i fell asleep because Brothers 3 are like watching paint dry. How they made the final is beyond me.

    The Big Adventure was boring. Very very boring. I expect this show to tumble quick and fast. I hope Seven has a replacement because they are going to need it.

  3. I think 7 has made some blunders this year. They were dominant a few years ago but the rebuilding of brands on Nine has hurt them. In 2014 7 have made some bad calls in regards to shows/timing. What I will say though the Xfactor is the best singing contest on TV for diversity, quality and overall production. It deserves more than 1.3million. The judges obviously dont excited australia enough

  4. X Factor this year appears to be in slow motion. All the nonsense auditions when the finalists are already in the promos. The drawn out bacstories. The padding that makes the show run way over time. Lastly the time given to the judges critiques. The Voice does this much better by just having 2 judges comment on each artist. Then the results show which could be a short 30min show that would keep us hooked not the frawn out saga that lasts 90 mins or more esp the judges vote which goes on & on. Need I say more. X factor you need to up your game if you want to stay around.

  5. Grand Final was boring!! I was reading the paper during the songs – that’s how bored I was!!! Very different to last year – where I was glued to my seat and cried with Dami’s final song!! And most of my friends and family were the same.

  6. David Jai Waidford was also a massive factor. I have a teenaged sister. She is crazy crazy insane insane over him. He also has a massive social media presence. This year she didn’t watch it. Case in point.

  7. I agree with Cazz. Launching this while The Voice was in its final stages was a stupid move. Seven would have been better holding this back for a month and then running it through the end of November.
    I understand x-factor is already a lock to return next year. I will be curious to see what changes get made to try and freshen it up a bit.

  8. I don’t think the show ever recovered from launching at the same time when The Voice was still on. In previous years there has always been a break between the talent shows. With channel 7 deciding to have them overlap this year, they effectively shot themselves in the foot. The show launched to lower number this year because of it and quite simply never recovered even with good talent this year (still annoyed Reigan Derry isn’t in the final).

  9. I remember mentioning last year that The Mole would be a flop. I thought i may have been speaking too soon, but I didn’t. That should have been a clear sign to 7 to avoid that type of show. However the premise of this one looks more promising and it has obviously debuted better

  10. Agree with Jonno, think the X-factor has done well, it has been going a few years now and was up against the block which I don’t think has been going as long, not that I watch the block anyway, seems very fabricated, and wonder how much work is done by the contestants compared to the tradies but that is my opinion also found this year most of the reality show numbers are down on previous years, as is the news which is taking a plunge these days, we can only watch so much of the same thing.

  11. Scorpion improved its numbers now that The Block has gone.

    NCIS: New Orleans is failing but I would give it another week in that slot because there will be no X Factor to contend with. With Resurrection and Gotham both fantasy type shows, NCIS will be the point of difference that should lift its numbers.

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