X Factor judges debate “sexualisation”

reigdThere were shades of Dicko’s slamming of Paulini’s Idol outfit on The X Factor last night when Danni Minogue and RedFoo got into an awkward debate over the outfit worn by singer Reigan Derry.

Derry, 26, who was performing an acoustic version of Radiohead’s Creep, was told by judges the song didn’t suit her.

But Minogue drew attention to her outfit, comprising a corset-like period outfit with tassles and gown.

“I listened to every word you said, (how) you were oversexualised, you just wanted to sing the song and just wanted everybody to listen to your voice. In the close-ups of this outfit, if you don’t want to be oversexualised (you’re sending) mixed messages. I don’t know if you’re working together as a team.”

“Look what you’re wearing!” RedFoo responded.

“You want to talk about ‘oversexualised’ look what you’re wearing! Let’s get real. Let’s get really real. This is see through!” he directed at Minogue.

Minogue insisted Derry’s idea¬†of her image contradicted her appearance presented by her mentor, RedFoo.


It was an awkward debate for the family-audience show, given it also had little to do with her vocal performance.

Yet later in the episode judges commended 18 year old singer Caitlin Shadbolt on her gold jeans outfit.

“Nobody should ever wear gold jeans again, that is amazing!” said Minogue.

That prompted a close up of her midriff by the show’s director.

At this rate it could just be the show that is sending out the mixed messages, not the young singers.


  1. She was standing still playing a guitar! Maybe it would have looked ‘oversexualised’ had she been jumping around – but the poor girl was standing still!

  2. According to Raymondp, all men over a certain age should start shopping at Rivers. I support guys & girls wearing whatever they want. Are some of us living in the 1950s?

  3. harrypotter1994

    My problem with the past few weeks of X Factor has been the judges contradicting things they have said in the past. These judges would of never of said these things last year or even earlier in the season.

    I am happy with them giving criticism – actually would prefer it to heaped on praise all the time but this one seemed uncalled for IMO.

  4. These kind of dumb comments go both ways – Dean hasn’t worn a shirt since the first live show and often exposes the tattoo on his chest. Redfoo does the same jacket with no shirt thing. Yet does anyone comment on this saying they are sexualised? Nope.

    Dannii tried to back away from some of her comments after Reigan’s second performance saying she supported her from the start and that we need to put what she said into perspective. However its obvious she sees Reigan as a threat this late in the competition and tried to vote her off last week.

    The Voice is far more oversexualised. Delta Goodrem and Kylie often expose massive cleavage. Not that I’m complaining.

  5. Its a pity RedFoo didn’t dress appropriately for a guy his age – bare chest, and he was having a go at Danni who I thought was dressed very well for an evening program. I agree with what Danni was saying, I think Reigan is over sexualised and its her fault.

  6. .. Seven does reality TV well for me… but this show has never done anything for me, i dont know what it is about it, but i think you’re right David, just reading your story makes me think the consistency in the comments isnt there… i would find tight gold jeans more sexualising .. then a dress, but thats only going on the images supplied…. maybe its the “jumping shark” moment for this show?? thats just my take.

  7. David the reason for the close up of Caitlyn was to show what was written on her belt buckle because Dannii said she thought it said Ronan not rodeo.

  8. Dannii said very thing right… Reigan has been over sexualising herself something she said in the package she didn’t want to do. Dannii was simply referring to that. Then for foo to just attack Dannii like that was uncalled for, I’m surprised she didn’t bite back and say at least she covers herself and wears tops… Like really what was foo wearing a jacket thing with nothing underneath.

  9. I can understand both sides of the argument but Dannii was out of line and Foo fueled the fire. He shouldn’t have done that. The judges need to take a long hard look at themselves. Poor Reigan looked like she was about to burst into tears. They need to think about the contestants and stop thinking about themselves all the time. The judges have really changed this year and i don’t like it. They need to sort it out or leave.

    It should be about the performance and not everything else but Dannii keeps bringing it up week in week out. Has she a personal vendetta? Who knows but it has to stop. Its appalling television.

  10. I get what Dannii was saying. As when Reigan was in scarlet belle she said herself it was portraying herself in a sexy way. Saying that, I don’t think that was the time and place to bring it up.

  11. I thought it was really an odd thing for Danni to bring up, but I guess her point was Reigan on the show doesn’t seem to be the person/type of artist that Reigan set out to be initially?

    However, I saw nothing wrong with her outfit.

  12. Rediculous – that is why I don’t watch the show. I don’t want to see these girls in the skimpy outfits. I do believe girls are increasingly over sexualised these days and it’s sad. But yes the way that story was written makes it sound like people on the show have no idea what’s going on.

    And the Mrs and I were appaulled at how late the xfactor went overtime last night too, we had to keep flicking back between Grand Designs Australia to see if Sunday Night had started yet.

  13. I am sorry, but most music clips oversexualise women. It seems part and parcel of the music industry which I don’t agree with but sales companies and directors believe sex sells. It seems all about standing out, so look at the latest clips by Iggy, Ariana, Nicki as examples!

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