ABC strong on Monday night

2014-11-18_1012Seven and Nine were neck and neck last night, split by just 0.1% on network shares, in Nine’s favour. But a win is a win.

While another night languished under the million viewers (for all but one show), the gap in breakfast TV remains vast, with Sunrise’s 413,000 viewers towering over Today‘s 284,000. Might be time for a new suit, Karl…

But it was ABC that had a strong outing, thanks to Australian Story, Four Corners and interest in the fortunes of the ABC funding on Media Watch and Q & A.

At 27.6% Nine Network pipped Seven’s 27.5%, then ABC 23.2%, TEN 18.0% and SBS 3.7%.

The Big Bang Theory repeats (1.05m / 977,000) was the only title to top a million viewers. Next for Nine were Nine News (967,000 / 977,000), A Current Affair (912,000), Big Brother (653,000), Hot Seat (504,000) and 2 Broke Girls (353,000).

Seven barely scrapped 900,000 viewers with Seven News (924,000 / 902,000) then Home and Away (835,000), Highway Patrol (785,000), The Blacklist (774,000), Nabbed (734,000), Castle (487,000) and Million Dollar Minute (482,000). Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD was 227,000.

Australian Story nearly won the night at 995,000 for ABC then Four Corners (857,000), ABC News (837,000), 7:30 (827,000), Media Watch (786,000), Q & A (730,000 / 90,000).

TEN Eyewitness News was 599,000 for TEN then Have You Been Paying Attention? (564,000), The Project (538,000 / 410,000), Territory Cops (497,000) and Gold Coast Cops (491,000). SVU was 244,000.

It was a tough night for SBS ONE with Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design (191,000), SBS World News (112,000), The Real Man’s Road Trip (112,000), Housos (93,000) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (88,000).

Judge John Deed (303,000 topped multichannels on 7TWO.

Sunrise: 413,000
Today: 284,000
ABC News Breakfast: 70,000 / 50,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 17 November 2014


  1. Today has gone back to the Grimshaw and Liebmann days, hiding in the studio. The only difference; adding an entertainment correspondent and sports reader. Totally agree, they need to pick a location and own it. Maybe set up a studio at Federation Square, walk outside and do some outdoor concerts. They also need to mix up the current hosts but I share others concerns that people love Lisa and Karl has won a logie!

  2. I have a theory that Sunrise wins because of the ‘I’m on TV’ factor of the Martin Place studio. All those faces staring in the windows are texting/calling friends & family saying look at me I am on Sunrise. When there is a concert in the Plaza I am sure this increases.
    Today should have had a similar studio set up years ago & should be ramping up the outdoor/concert broadcasts in places like the Domain in Sydney.
    GMA in the US now beats the Today Show by having a similar outdoor area at their studios & having concerts in Central Park.

  3. jezza the first original one

    sunrise v today…how can they chop Karl, he is a gold logie winner..

    What were the ratings for Skimpy on ABC2, it was one of the most mesmerising compelling tv documentaries so far this century. Superb story telling, visually stimulating along with eye catching action…..I hope there is more than one.

    This is the strongest endorsement for resisting cuts to the ABC

  4. I think 10 should start HYBPA early in 2015 to try and gain some traction. If they can get a good start in 2015, they may be able to build a loyal audience. It’s a great format and last night’s episode was sensational. So many highlights, but for me the best moment was either Sam Pang’s ‘Fluffer’ suggestion or Laurina’s ‘Climax face’.

  5. Sunrise particularly dominant over Today lately, with no clear reason why. If this trend continues, perhaps Karl and or Lisa will be given the chop in the New Year.

  6. Big Bang Theory repeats over 1 million viewers? I assume some thought they were getting a new episode, but for both repeats to hold up for the entire hour……I give up.

  7. Fantastic numbers for HYBPA!

    David what do you attribute Sunrise’s dominance over Today to? They’re mostly carbon copies of each other? Obvious the introduction of Sam Armytage gave them an uplift but that was like a year ago. Is it because they do more ‘event’ broadcasts?

    This would make an interesting separate article….

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