Airdate: A Country Road: The Nationals

2014-11-15_0109Later this month ABC begins a series on the “other” political party, A Country Road: The Nationals.

Reporter Heather Ewart presents the 3 part series coming to Tuesday nights. The first episode explores the early formation of the party with DougAnthony, Peter Nixon and Ian Sinclair reigned supreme.

Its roots are on the land and in the blood. It’s played a crucial role in Australian political life since the 1920s and been at the heart of pivotal moments in our history.

She meets every former living leader of the party. And then there are the characters, from Lady Flo Bjelke-Peterson to Pauline Hanson. And the turncoats: Tony Windsor, Rob Oakeshott, Bob Katter and Clive Palmer.

The result is a rollicking political and social history across time – and across this vast country.

Tuesday 25 November at 8.30pm on ABC.

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