Airdate: Heartless

2014-11-23_2139Tomorrow night SBS 2 premieres a new five-part Danish drama series Heartless, which centres around Sofie and Sebatsian, two siblings with a mysterious, dark and fatal secret.

In order to stay alive they are forced to suck the life force from people around them, just as a vampire sucks blood. Where Sofie is the outgoing and somewhat cynical of the two who does whatever’s necessary to keep herself and her brother alive, Sebastian is burdened with guilt over the curse’s consequences and costs. In their search for answers they are lead to the dark and traditional boarding school, Ottmannsgård, and suddenly find themselves juggling between everyday teen life and their instinct desire.

Episode One:
Sofie and Sebastian are cursed and forced to suck the life force from people around them in order to survive. To find a way out of their curse they enrol as regular students at Ottmansgaard boarding school. The school conceals the secret of their curse and possibly the only way out of it. The circle of prefects run by Ditlev are fascinated and threatened by them. Together they must fight hard to keep their secret.

Tuesday, 25 November at 9.30pm on SBS 2

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