Airdate: London’s Super Tunnel

2014-11-15_2132If engineering and big constructions are your thing, SBS has a 2 part documentary on the Crossrail tunnel, a 118 kilometre being built over 9 years in the UK.

In January 1863, the city of London held a huge subterranean banquet to celebrate the first underground railway. One hundred and fifty years later, the world’s most complex underground railway construction project is underway in London.

Crossrail is estimated to cost 16 billion pounds and is the largest ever construction project in Europe. This new railway will stretch 118km from Maidenhead, under central London to Abbey Wood in the east. A vast army of 14,000 engineers, architects and construction workers have been hired to build it.

The creators of this documentary secured exclusive access to this project, enabling viewers to witness history in the making. This series follows a small group of specially chosen men and women who live and breathe the Crossrail tunnel over a period of 18 months.

7:30pm Saturday SBS ONE.


  1. Interesting documentry, saw it under its original title The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway. It’s amazing house they build this thing and the planning that has to go into it.

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