ARIAs addresses criticism after Sia no-show

2014-11-28_1330The ARIAs has responded to criticism after singer Sia did not attend the event and gave away her four trophies to fans on Twitter.

The reclusive LA-based singer was herself criticised for not attending the big night.

“I made four thank you/acceptance videos for the arias. They chose to show one. I’m saddened to be getting s— for being a ‘no-show,” she tweeted.

An ARIA spokeswoman said in a statement, “Of her two award wins that were televised, the album of the year video acceptance footage was shown on air and Sia’s friend, Katy Perry accepted best female artist on her behalf.”

ARIA will post all her acceptance videos online.

But Fairfax/ AAP¬†notes her video featured a man in a blonde-bob miming while the singer’s voice could be heard thanking people.

“On the upside, I won! Who wants one? First four people to document doing a good deed, I’ll send you an aria. GO,” she later tweeted.


  1. And people wonder why she doesn’t want to be in the limelight?! She just can’t win.

    I’m sure she’s extremely grateful for her awards. If she chooses to make someone’s day by gifting them an Aria, then good for her. It’s not like she’s thrown them into a river or something.

  2. I had no problem with Sia not being there as she is known for being a recluse but I had a massive problem with Iggy Azalea not going and she hasn’t even recognised she won the ARIA for Breakthrough Artist.

  3. If she hates awards so much just withdraw from the race & let someone who wants & deserves the awards to win.
    Although this must be great publicity for the ARIAs

  4. If she didn’t want the awards, she should have withdrawn from the race, unless it’s based on sales alone, then I guess you can’t. Still, I can’t believe the song Chandelier won anything considering how awful it sounds, and the fact that not once in the song did she pronounce chandelier correctly, I’ll I ever hear is Shindelahere-ear.

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