Axed: The Millers

2014-11-15_2100Struggling US sitcom The Millers has been axed by CBS, early -and rarely- into its second season.

In a timeslot following 2 Broke Girls the show never performed as well as its first season paired with The Big Bang Theory, recently pulling in a 1.5 rating in adults 18-49. Despite a high-profile new cast addition in Sean Hayes, it dropped below its predecessor, the cancelled Friends with Better Lives.

The Millers joins the recently axed Bad Judge, A to Z, Selfie and Manhattan Love Story, which have been cancelled, while FOX’s Mulaney had its order reduced.

In May a network decision to renew the network-produced comedy, while cancelling comedies from other studios – Friends With Better Lives, The Crazy Ones and Bad Teacher — was not without controversy.

In Australia the series was pulled from its original run but has been returned by TEN mid-week, first with double episodes before being trimmed to a single episode.

Source: Deadline


  1. People needed to give this a chance.I have seen the way 10 treats it’s viewers over the years the minute something does not do well They change it’s days and hours and sometimes it gets relegated to late night TV before dumping it altogether.

  2. @ MuchoTB – Yeah TBTN, has made themselves look really bad by inexplicably tossing out normal logic with 2nd year shows. I’m not sure whether you read the original reason behind that but Bill decided that given CBS hadn’t had a CBS produced comedy hit syndication since King of Queens that they’d find a fair to keep it going until syndication. He made the call before the show starting airing this season, so it had to be predicated on the news it’d get back its BBT lead-in, had he waited to see whether the ratings behind 2BG were sustainable enough for that decision not to be reversed then the site’s brand doesn’t get tarnished.

  3. @ Craig. CBS has done that for a few years now, they did it with Mike & Molly last year and previously with Rules of Engagement. CBS keep M&M around to earn further syndication $$$ and as a vet they can slot in if a new series flops, last season you just probably didn’t notice it as We Are Men was pulled after 3 eps. Other networks don’t keep a plug-and-play option up their sleeves for fall, at best they’ll keep a vet up their sleeves for a 13ep spring season.

  4. The Millers would have been better if it didn’t have the inane laugh track. Guess Greg Garcia was forced to add it to make it “more commercial”, after My Name Is Earl, & Raising Hope.

  5. Just goes to show that writing is king. Three great performers as leads wasn’t enough. Bringing in Hayes was a bad move. Being made to follow Two Broke Girls didn’t do it any favours either.

  6. Watched the pilot of this and it was probably the worst sitcom I’ve ever seen. Did not enjoy this at all

    TVByTheNumbers gave the Millers a ‘certain to be renewed’ status on their cancelation index, they sure have egg on their faces today

  7. Good to hear, we don’t need this rubbish on TV. It’s just a shame there are no new decent US sitcoms being produced. They seem to have run out of ideas and believable premises. It’s only the long let running shoes that still seem to rate, like Big Bang and 2.5 Men, with the latter finishing up this season.

  8. Thats a shame, I agree it’s not the best but still had a few laughs, you would think being the only CBS produced sitcom on CBS they would try and save it by moving it to another night or time.

    Also a shame Bad Judge and A to Z are gone (and unlikely to air here) I liked both of them from what I saw on YouTube…

    And who’s bone head decision was it to hold Mike & Molly until mid season on CBS? Now other shows have fallen I understand it’s being bough forward to start airing before Christmas, but no date has been set yet.

  9. The Millers got paired with TBBT because it was a CBS show and therefore got the big ratings and viewers got in the habit of watching it.

    Despite being bad it started S2 with enough viewers that it looked like it would get renewed again (and then again to give CBS syndication revenue). A 1.5 18-49s is not that bad for CBS and it still looked like it would scrap renewal. So early cancellation is a surprise. CBS actually favours Lorre’s shows over their own productions because of TBBT.

    Friends with Better Lives was unwatchable. The Crazy Ones was all over the place, took half a season to settle down and didn’t have a good a slot. Bad Teacher didn’t last long enough for me to see it. So no controversies there.

  10. Sean Hayes killed this show. I loved season 1 but I was almost done with this show after the first few episodes of season 2. Sean Hayes was not needed and doesn’t fit. With Carol moving out, Sean Hayes being shoved in to scenes and the rest of the characters getting less screentime I thought this would be cancelled but I didn’t think it would be this soon.

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