Big Brother favourites phone it in for finale

2014-11-26_1219Former Big Brother favourites, including Chrissie Swan, Reggie Bird and Ryan Fitzgerald, will feature in a video package in tonight’s grand final on Nine.

TV Tonight can clarify they have sent video messages via their smartphones, which will air before the winner is announced. But reports of a formal reunion are getting a tad too excited….

Naturally all 22 housemates will comprise the season reunion as the show zeroes in on Skye, Travis and Ryan for the $200,000 prize.

Tim Dormer and Ben Norris will also feature.

Nine has also sent through some data on its digital results for this year’s season, which reminds us that Overnight figures are not always the full picture. That said, it will be a struggle to avoid being its lowest finale, especially up against the ARIAs.

Andrew Backwell, Nine’s Director of Programming and Production, said: “The show continues to deliver a targeted audience in a way that only the grand dame of reality TV can. We are happy with Big Brother’s results this year, and clearly the show’s reach on second screens is outstanding. Indeed, the 9Jumpin numbers far exceed the highest rating shows on Pay TV.”

Janeen Faithfull, CEO, Endemol Australia added, “Big Brother is the digital leader in the TV viewing experience, engaging, connecting and uniting its audiences by allowing constant integration, reaction and influence to its characters and stories as it plays out on air.

“No other television series fully integrates and connects the platforms to deliver record-breaking stats in audience reach and engagement.”

– Over 63 million page views
– Over 7 million long form streams on 9Jumpin
– Over 11 million visits to the Big Brother site
– Almost 1 million “Your Power” votes since series launch
– 857,186 Facebook fans
– 198,756 Twitter followers
– 98,400 Instagram followers

NB: TV Tonight logging live results AEDT tonight -please adjust your use of the site if you are not watching Live.


  1. and 0% live streaming. I thought this was 2014 not 1970. Big Brother has had its day. Ever since Nine has had it they’ve ruined it. I loved the show back in the day but now its nothing more than just another boring reality show.

  2. The Arias have not been much chop rating wise; so BB finale i don’t think will be too affected by that. BB will be lucky to reach three quarters of a million.

  3. JBar: I’m with you. Let’s give it back to TEN : the original and the best at BB. It can fill their scheduling gap from that grid David posted a few weeks ago.

  4. bettestreep2008

    J Bar – the Arias should win tonight but if the show is like previous years it might bomb again.

    But with One Direction, Katy Perry, 5 seconds of summer, Guy Sebastian, Jessica Mauboy, Sia, Iggy Azalea, Justice Crew etc – it’d be a huge disappointment if it gets beaten by Big Brother or whatever rubbish Seven is showing.

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