Bumped: Homeland, Tyrant. Update: The Millers.

TEN's Homeland takes a later timeslot following low ratings, which also bumps Tyrant to ONE.

2014-11-08_1757Once-glorious drama Homeland has been moved in TEN’s schedule in its fourth season.

From this week it now airs at 10:30pm Mondays instead of 9:30pm. In its place are repeats of Law and Order: SVU.

Tyrant, which was airing at 10:30pm, now moves to 10:30pm Tuesdays on ONE.

Homeland show is still capable of packing a punch, the end of the last episode was one such moment, but without Damian Lewis as Brodie it’s a different vehicle.

Last week the show rated just 156,000 viewers, so TEN’s response is hardly a surprise.

Meanwhile TEN has also responded to sluggish ratings for The Millers, now airing as a single episode at 8pm Wednesdays, preceded by a repeat of Modern Family at 7:30pm.

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  1. After last years Homeland debacle, this year it is back to its best. A little predictable at times (e.g. Saul being dragged out of the car) but some fairly surprising moments too (e.g. the kid getting shot in the head).

    Watched episode 1 of the Millers this afternoon. Looks like some good mindless fun for a train trip home each day for the next few weeks.

  2. The promotion for the show is non existent. It is actually starting to heat up and this change time isn’t going to help. I think it should have moved to ONE instead under the same time slot.

  3. @Chuck128
    Gaining access to her room isn’t a problem. It is a residential complex he had access to and an excuse to be in that area. There is nothing top secret in there. All that requires if for the ISI to have got a copy of Bachman’s key, not implausible as they are using him somehow.

    But still a lot more plausiable than Abbu Nazier running a terrorist ring in the upper middle class profession circles of Washington, Brody being blackmailed into killing the VP and getting away with it, Nazier blowing up the CIA and framing Brody, Carrie smuggling him to Canada, before he ends up a captive and heroin addict in Venezuela before being recruited for suicide mission to Iran to kill the head of Iranian intelligence, and managing to knock-up Carrie on the way.

    And of course all the silly stuff with Brody’s family.

  4. Pertinax-focusing on Carrie just reminds the viewer how utterly absurd it would be for her to have ended up in such a senior position of responsibility-that and many face palm moments like the ambassador’s weasel hubby gaining entrance to Carrie’s flat with a key and no alarms or video cameras present shows how the writing has declined.

  5. I’m really enjoying S4 and agree with Pertinax that it is stronger than either S2 or S3, altho’ I thought S2 was still pretty decent. Last ep was a bit of a shocker even tho’ I could see what was coming.

  6. The first season of Homeland rated very well. It had a buzz, and Ten started it early and it paired well with New Girl. Its 1m was the highest ratings of US cable drama on FTA ever.

    Fast tracked S2 averaged 614k.

    With Brody it was a melodrama, which worked for S1. Personally I like S4, a straight out terrorist story based around Carrie, much better than S2 & 3 where it all became rather silly and unbelievable.

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