Clive Palmer walks out on Lateline interview

2014-11-21_0119Clive Palmer has bailed on another television interview, this time refusing to answer questions by Emma Alberici on Lateline.

The Palmer United Party leader denied accusations of fraud he is facing in a civil suit over his Chinese business deals.

Palmer repeatedly said the allegations were “not true” and refused to answer questions that $12 million was allegedly misappropriated.

It’s not the first time he has quit mid-interview, walking out on Leigh Sales in July over the same issue.

“I’m not discussing it with you any further, Madam. It’s subject to court proceedings,” he said at the time.

Palmer will soon appear on a special episode of Kitchen Cabinet. Thankfully it has been completed, so no sign of eating and running.


  1. The guys an amateur,He should of just done like all before Him “Look Emma,You can ask away for as long as you like,It’s before the courts,I’m not commenting on it”….All the shifty Politicians know that old trick…

  2. Ms Alberici (sic) was a bit over the top, her mike was on full Mr Palmer’s was on half, all was ok until she produced old court papers, which he had already defended on an ep of 730 a month or 2 ago. All we have to do is wait ’til the courts bring down a verdict. How easy is that? No gnashing of teeth raised voices and walkouts

  3. Maev....Sydney

    Love him…hate him…with his $$$ he doesn’t give a toss what anyone thinks…….and will continue to do just what he wants….as for being a clown….well he is laughing…all the way to the bank!

  4. Secret Squirrel

    It seems inevitable that Palmer and his party will implode – the only question that remains is whether it will result in a black hole and, if it does, whether that will then merge with the budget black hole.

  5. Great entertainment as always with Clive Palmer. This guy really is a clown. However, I believe he did attempt to answer the questions and the interview did go on unnecessarily.

  6. jezza the first original one

    Just goes to show that billionaire mining magnates can be well below average when it they turn their hand to other things. If he can’t take the pressure of close scrutiny he should bugger off out of politics

  7. This is winning him no supporters here. I mean mate it looks even worse when you keep avoiding the questions and walking out on interviews. Doing more harm than good I will suggest. And after this stuff with Lambi it’s not looking too good for old Palmer and his party!

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