Double trouble back for The Block: Triple Threat

After leaving with $10k, Darren and Deanne Jolly are back competing for The Block: Triple Threat.

2014-11-23_0232Rumours of The Block‘s Darren and Deanne Jolly have been confirmed to return to the Nine reality series just weeks after finishing with a $10,000 prize and expressing their disappointment.

They will take on former contestants Bec and George Douros, Kim Owen and Matt Di Costa for a spot on The Block: Triple Threat.

Six new teams will compete in a number of preliminary challenges, with three to secure a final place on the new series, currently filming in Darling Street, South Yarra.

The series is tipped to air from February.

A second season is expected to film at the former Hotel Saville in South Yarra, while Nine is also likely to confirm Renovation Rumble in which winners of The Block take on winners of Seven’s House Rules.

Source: News Corp

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  1. So this show us it for a place in the block that will be on later in the year? Or is it a new block with new contestants plus these three couples who are competing for a place? Title of the show is misleading……

  2. Can’t stand Matt, can’t stand Dee, hope its Bec and George or I will be put off straight away. That’s the thing with using previous contestants, you either love em or hate em.

  3. Renovation Rumble sounds very interesting- even if they get former HR contestants who didn’t win but got viewers talking, it’ll still be a drawcard. If 9 were smart, they’d put it up against the second series of HR next year (unless 7 specifically say they can’t).

  4. My favourite reality show, but not these 2 whinging millionaires who don’t need the money & feel shafted because their agent stuffed up & didn’t pass in the property. If this had happened they could have held out for a better sale price.
    The producers must be very forgiving people to rehire someone who ‘reportedly’ were going to sue them.

  5. When will 9 stop flogging everything to death, would serve them right if they all flopped, wish they would start something different then would start watching more of 9 again., surely viewers can only take so much of the same thing.

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