Foxtel loses House of Cards

A sure sign Netflix is closing in on Australia?

2013-05-04_2218In a sure sign that Netflix is closing in, Foxtel has lost the broadcast rights to the third season of House of Cards.

News Corp reports Foxtel was forced to omit the series from its 2015 presentation after Netflix withdrew the Australian broadcast rights.

But Foxtel will retain its other Netflix series Orange is the New Black.

A Foxtel spokesperson said, “Sorry, we don’t comment on (the) terms of our licensing deals.’’

Both previous seasons premiered in the US in February, meaning we will want to hear something definitive about Netflix launching locally very soon.

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  1. Apart from Netflix produced content there is no guarantee that what is available on US Netflix will be on Australian Netflix.

    They would be legally required to purchase the Australian rights to the content just like Presto, Quickflix and Stan are required to.

    Quickflix is peed off with Australians using US Netflix to access content for which Quickflix has paid for the Australian rights to.

  2. Netflix must have sold HOC without the usual options for future series while they figured out what they were going to do. It took Foxtel and Netflix some time to agree terms that could be why.

  3. The real loser will be Foxtel if Netflix comes here. More on demand content, and up to date/fasttracked content.
    I really don’t understand why people can’t wait and buy the DVDs or wait for the FTA premiers of shows like this. Have GoT seasons 1-3 on DVD and am considering buying seasons 1 and 2 of HoC. Waiting saves money, especially when most people struggle with living expenses as it is.
    Agree with @Rutzie, would’ve been nice if Foxtel and Netflix could do a deal of some sort- but if Foxtel and TEN merge, then that would be major issue.

  4. I was contemplating getting Netflix when it launches given it will offer exclusive Marvel TV series, but now knowing it will have House of Cards I have no choice but to subscribe. It is just unfortunate given I’m already a platinum Foxtel subscriber so that will take my monthly STV subscriptions to $150-160+ a month. I guess that’s the price of paying for your entertainment.

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