Harold and Madge to reunite for Neighbours 30th

2014-11-16_0105Madge Bishop may have passed away on Neighbours, but she will return for the show’s 30th Anniversary, reuniting with her beloved Harold (Ian Smith).

Anne Charleston, who exited the series in a tearful death scene 13 years ago, told News Corp, “The last time I returned (on air) was from Brisbane, love. This time I’m coming back from an extraordinary place.”

As a ghost, perhaps?

Filming for the show’s big occasion are to begin this week ahead of the on air event, due in March.

ELEVEN is remaining tight-lipped on other familiar faces who will step back into Ramsay Street for our longest-running drama series.

TEN will also broadcast a special celebration featuring interviews with many of the stars reflecting on their time on the show, including Kylie Minogue, Jason Donovan and Guy Pearce.


  1. I hope Ten really gets behind the show and promotes the 30th anniversary unlike the 25th anniversary which they virtually ignored. The show itself did a great build up to the 25th anniversary with a countdown and a great cliffhanger but the Netwrok itself did very little. Anne Charleston’s return is bound to be a ghostly appearance so it should be interesting how the writers go about this. Really miss Ian Smith on the show. Harold is such a memorable character and Ian retired far too soon!

  2. Perhaps they can do what Number 96 did after the bomb blast in 1975 – one of the worst jump the shark moments in TV history and acknowledged as a mistake by one of the show’s producers. When one of the most popular characters Les Whittaker was killed off and the viewers protested, the actor was brought back, this time playing Les’s Scottish brother.

  3. Well Harold Bishop died too but came back from the dead in one of the great soap cliche (i wasnt really dead, i just slipped off a rock and got amnesia) storylines.

  4. I hope that the special they are making can knclude a where are they now segment. So many have left to be the next big thing it would be interesting to see where they are.

  5. This is interesting.

    When Anne left Neighbours she had nothing nice to say about the show. She criticised everything about it and now many years later she’s gonna do a cameo?

    Don’t think Alan Dale will make an appearance on the show or the special.

    He was even more scathing about the show than Anne was.

    Always a shame when someone makes a decent living or even becomes mega famous slagging off the show that helped them at the beginning.

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