Have You Been Paying Attention?: Year In Review special

2014-10-31_2249As previously announced, TEN has a Have You Been Paying Attention? Year In Review special.

This will air Monday, November 17, 8.30pm with Party Tricks concluding on November 10th.

Host Tom Gleisner will be joined by Michala Banas, Mick Molloy, Ed Kavalee, Jane Kennedy and Sam Pang.

All the big moments of 2014 will go under the microscope as we see how much you can remember from the past 12 months.

Who won MasterChef Australia? How many times was Justin Bieber arrested? What shows did Clive Palmer not storm out of? It is a chance to celebrate the highs and the lows of the year that was.

Our guests may not know the right answers, but how hilarious are the wrong ones?

Adding to the fun, we will be inviting celebrity quiz masters to join Tom at the desk.

In addition to celebrating the past 12 months, the special will raise funds for the Igniting Change foundation.

How much of 2014 can you recall? Test yourself against our seasoned professionals on the Have You Been Paying Attention to 2014? Year In Review Special. It is an end of year party and you are invited.

Monday, November 17, 8.30pm on TEN.


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