Karl Stefanovic’s acting cameo

Karl Stefanovic, who once applied to NIDA, has made an ‘acting’ cameo for an online project that parodies breakfast television.

Stefanovic delivers a mockumentary style reflection on coverage of Queensland stories by a fictional colleague, “Brian.”

Early Birds by Drew Pearson is described as “A Family” Workplace comedy.”

Person told TV Tonight he had shopped the project the networks.

“I was given great feedback in terms of idea and content but was told “shows about making shows – people aren’t interested in them” I don’t know if they realised that this is more character driven about a workplace office environment and hardly about the ‘making of tv,'” he said.

“So now I am seeking crowd funding to continue it and push the envelope a bit more as we played it safe in the pilot to show a blueprint of the idea.”

The project has a Kickstarter campaign seeking contributions.

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