Leigh Sales and the art of armpit music

2014-11-03_1554Never mind that she has made some of the country’s top politicians squirm under the heat of her questions, it seems making music with her armpit (seriously) is what most impresses Leigh Sales’ own family.

Today ABC online publishes a Q & A profile with the 7:30 host in which she was asked about her dexterous talents on display recently during the Friday Night Crack Up.

“How did you learn to make songs with your armpit?” she is asked.

“I feel if I answer that then everyone would be able to do it,” she answered.

“After I did that on ABC’s Mental As variety special my nephews said, ‘Can you actually do that Aunty Leigh?’ They thought it was the most impressive thing I’ve ever done.”

More seriously, must also told the reporter Nine management once told her she did not have “the looks or the voice” for television.

She also admits she loves to buy Who Weekly or New Weekly and dressing conservatively for 7:30 isn’t necessarily “the real me.”

Of hosting 7:30 while she was pregnant she says, “I had a bucket in the studio next to me and it was the night when Rudd called the last election.

“I thought I was going to vomit, I felt deeply ill.”

You can read more here.

Meanwhile Sales and Annabel Crabb are now doing a Podcast (not a pre-cursor for a new show apparently), in which they duet sings “Chat 10, Looks 3” a parody to A Chorus Line.

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