Lest Big Brother forgets

bb1111Good to see Big Brother acknowledging Remembrance Day yesterday with the housemates pausing for a minute’s silence -a big ask of this Gen Y crowd!

Big Brother read a poem before playing the Last Post in the house. It was a good history lesson for the young audience.

Given the ‘daily show’ usually shows footage from the previous 24 hours, I wasn’t sure if the moment had actually taken place at 11am, but in this case the outcome probably outweighs any cosmetic change.

Meanwhile, isn’t Travis being able to ask Aisha questions about the popularity of the housemates against the official rules?

Here are the official rules of the show when it was on TEN. Check the first and the last…

The Twelve Commandments according to the main man himself are:
– No contact with the outside world
– Nominations are compulsory
– Nominations cannot be discussed with other Housemates
– Housemates can only ever talk with Big Brother in the Diary Room
– Housemates may not communicate in code and/or foreign or sign languages
– Housemates may never act violently
– Housemates may never bully anyone
– Housemates must not knowingly defame or vilify any individual or group
– All sexual attention must be invited and consent be mutual and informed
– All tasks are compulsory
– Housemates cannot discuss former series or what they will do if they win
– Housemates must always obey Big Brother

The Thirteenth Commandment is that Big Brother reserves the right to change the rules at any time

Lest we forget the rules too….


  1. Yeah, unfortunately looks that way – no doubt all the little tweenie girls idolise her and vote to save her numerous times.
    Had to laugh the other day at Skye’s absolute joy over her and Leo being called the “pride of the Gold Coast” by the tour leader visiting the house.

    Does seem like BB is maybe setting up Priya, as the older, more mature, “multicultural”, housemate to win..

    • At the moment she is a cert, but that selective reunion of Priya and hubby will lift her stakes. Don’t know why she was singled out for that.

      Also, where was the $5000 prize for Tom from Appliances Online?

  2. Good work Big Brother. I work in a court and at 11 the magistrate told everyone to stand up. All the petty crooks were surprisingly compliant and respectful.

  3. Should be noted Skye was giggling at the dog. So perhaps BB should have left them inside during the moment of silence because it reflects badly on the show.

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