Media Circus scores as Big Brother falls

Ratings: It was another low ranking night, but ABC's comedy punished Nine's reality. Seven wins Wednesday.

2014-10-14_2008Wednesday turned out to be another low-ranking night but The Chaser’s Media Circus is bucking the trend by lifting on recent weeks, now at 746,000.

By contrast Big Brother tumbled to 463,000 in the same timeslot, only just ahead of Wonderland’s 455,000. While Nine won the slot with 16-39 year olds it was fourth with 18-49s.

Seven network won the night with 31.3% then Nine 27.8%, ABC 20.1%, TEN 18.0% and SBS 4.9%.

Seven News was best for Seven at 927,000 / 881,000 then Home and Away (781,000), Criminal Minds (740,000 / 610,000), Air Rescue (629,000) and Million Dollar Minute (460,000).

Nine News (902,000 / 862,000) led for Nine then ACA (814,000), David Attenborough’s Life (645,000), Hot Seat (468,000) and Big Brother (463,000).

ABC News (764,000) topped ABC’s night then Media Circus (746,000), Mad as Hell (741,000), 7:30 (722,000), Home Delivery (549,000), QI (361,000) and Black Comedy (353,000).

TEN Eyewitness News was 592,000 on TEN. The Project was 558,000 / 428,000, Modern Family was 500,000, Wonderland was 455,000, The Millers was 369,000 and The Good Wife was 265,000.

Bushfires: Inside the Inferno (174,000), Wild Thailand (172,000), SBS World News (112,000) and Fargo (70,000) made up the night for SBS ONE.

7TWO’s A Touch of Frost (343,000) was again strong on multichannels.

Sunrise: 387,000
Today: 290,000
ABC News Breakfast: 82,000 / 39,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 12 November 2014

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  1. Channel 9 has really showed they do not care about Big Brother or it’s fans at all this year. They refuse to listen to what the fans really want and as a result many of them have tuned out of given up.

    If they had actually listened to the fans and inlcuded some more adult content, some friday night games, a better timeslot and some live online content the ratings would be looking a whole lot better than they are now!

  2. ABC’s Wednesday night lineup is terrific. Mad as Hell is brilliant as always and Media Circus now that it has found its feet is looking to be a solid performer.

    I really hope ABC picks up Media Circus again next year.

  3. I have never been a fan of The Chaser team before but I am really liking Media Circus. It is so much better than HYBPA on Ten.
    The guest panelists each week are always good & quite a surprise each week. I hope that it will return next year.
    I would love to see it teamed with Gruen.

  4. I agree with all the comments about Big Brother. I’m a massive fan, and I’ve watched every season. But they’ve really ruined this one.
    Almost every episode is some lame live something, whether it’s 3 evictions a week, or sending people in or something…… we’re getting far too much Sonia and not enough actual house time.
    It’s also on too late, cant they just give me a good old fashioned 30min 7pm daily show.

    If they do bring it back, they need to take note of what Masterchef did. and do a back to basics season.

  5. I never used to miss an episode of Big Brother, but this year I have really lost interest. I record it most nights so I can skip through all the ads and rehashed pieces. It’s really lost its live element and the content shown is fluff.

  6. Channel 9 have no-one but themselves to blame for the BB ratings this year.

    We’ve hardly got to know the housemates due to the lack of air-time, too many intruders, not enough coverage of the weekly tasks etc.

    What happened to the nomination episodes?? Now they are 5 minutes tacked on the end.

    It’s nearly over and I feel nothing towards any of the housemates!

  7. @tvf. There would be 5 extra episodes of Home And Away to air before the finale due to the later start of the show at the start of the year because of the late changes with the Australian Open wanting to start the second weeks games at 7pm instead of the normal 7:30pm start.
    In 2015 the show probably won’t return until Monday 2 February, or as the promo will say “returns after the tennis” 🙂

  8. It was always going to be a fairly obvious eviction this week, two intruders would go, the next two evictions the final two intruders should go (assuming they’re up for nomination).

    Why Nine bothered to put them in so late is one of many, many errors Nine has made to BB this year.

  9. Stayed with the ABC last night. Mad as Hell always delivers and Media Circus has settled in now.

    Fargo: 70,000 | Salamander (last time same slot): 53,000
    Not entirely sure that an extra 17,000 is worth it.

  10. @ilovetv
    Why would the commercial channels take notice of stuff that rates 700k without ads in it?

    Especially when the local production points system penalises comedies as a result of the commercial networks rorting the system by producing a large number of cheap sketch comedies in the past.

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