Multichannels help Seven catch Nine’s cricket

2014-11-06_0954With Nine beginning its cricket season there was some staggered scheduling last night. Not all of Nine’s titles played in all 5 cities, while Big Brother was housed on GO!

The cricket gave Nine the edge in primary channel shares but Seven’s strength in multichannels, including another big audience for A Touch of Frost, gave Seven the night in Total People. TEN was let down by its programming from 7:30pm onwards, beaten by ABC’s comedy line-up.

Seven network won with a 31.2% share then Nine 30.2%, ABC 17.4%, TEN 16.2% and SBS 5.0%.

Seven News (1.04m / 986,000) led the night for Seven then Border Security (905,000), Home and Away (885,000), Criminal Minds (722,000 / 565,000) and Million Dollar Minute (546,000). Grimm was 183,000.

The first half of Nine News was 1.03m but the second half hour aired in 3 cities due to cricket at 685,000. The first Twenty / 20 match was 746,000 in 4 cities. ACA was 520,000 in 3 cities and Hot Seat ranked 502,000. Movie: Rush Hour 2 was 233,000.

ABC News (755,000) topped ABC then Mad as Hell (731,000), 7:30 (709,000), Media Circus (638,000), Home Delivery (435,000), Black Comedy (347,000) and QI (341,000).

The Project was 584,000 / 462,000 for TEN followed by TEN Eyewitness News (527,000) and Wonderland (452,000). The Millers was 334,000 / 332,000 and The Good Wife was 246,000.

On SBS ONE it was Wildest Islands (206,000), Bushfires: Inside the Inferno (200,000), SBS World News (119,000) and Fargo (66,000).

7TWO’s A Touch of Frost again pulled a big crowd of 365,000. On GO! Big Brother was 301,000.

Sunrise: 360,000
Today: 299,000
ABC News Breakfast: 61,000 / 46,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 5 November 2014


  1. @Secret Squirrel

    I like windows phone. I just wish more organisations supported the platform in both providing apps and when apps are provided they contain all the features available on other platforms.

  2. Not one to usually ask these things, however I am very curious how Hawaii Five-0 faired at 10:30pm as a replacement for Reckless (which got 66,000 last week).

  3. Secret Squirrel

    @tvf – so I guess the advertising worked? Support for Windows phone is a lot less than that for Android or iOS. Android and AdBlock are the way to go.

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