Rake to return with fourth season

Exclusive: Richard Roxburgh will return in Rake, but not until 2016. And what of other shows off ABC's 2015 list?

2014-11-13_0108EXCLUSIVE: Rake is set to have a fourth season, despite star Richard Roxburgh saying he wanted to leave “a good-looking corpse” and end with three series.

But the show was not announced in yesterday’s 2015 slate by the ABC because it is not expected to air until 2016.

ABC Director of Television Richard Finlayson confirmed to TV Tonight, “Rake 4 is on the go.”

Yesterday’s bumper announcement of 2015 titles omitted to mention a number of other ABC favourites, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they have been axed. The fate of some, particularly those currently on air, has not yet been determined.

Of Kitchen Cabinet and Reality Check, Finlayson said, “Decisions have not been made and we have to work through the cycle.”

It’s a similar scenario for Upper Middle Bogan and It’s a Date.

“Too soon. We’re loving the shows and they’re doing well –it’s something we will get to next year.”

The Chaser team will produce more of The Checkout, but it’s wait and see for other comedy projects.

“There’s nothing (else) planned at the moment but they are in our orbit and we have an ongoing dialogue with the boys. We’re really impressed they’re bringing through a range of new talent with people like Zoe Norton-Lodge.

The Checkout is a show that only the ABC could do and a fantastic public broadcasting show, but more importantly it’s great family viewing. We’re just astonished at the demographics of that show. It really resonates with kids as much as adults.”

Adam Hills returns in The Last Leg, but nothing local is confirmed.

“We’d love to have Adam Hills but he is pretty busy in the UK,” Finlayson said.

And Chris Lilley?

“We’re always in conversation with Chris and when he’s ready we know he will come back to us with ideas and we can’t wait to see what he comes up with.”

Sources tell TV Tonight that The Moodys is not returning, but discussions are ongoing with producers Jungleboys for new projects.

Artscape, which was not mentioned, will continue with arts docs and specials in a late night slot.

“It’s a strand that will continue,” he said.

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  1. I’m from the USA and my wife and I watched Rake here on Netflix and DirecTV. I grew to to love this show so much and was really sad to hear it was going to end with season 3. I searched hard high and low to find out if this was true and was relieved to find I get a reprieve and at least one more season to look forward to!
    Cheers to you and your programs! so much better than American television. So much!

  2. I love Rake and am glad it is coming back.

    Since it will be on in 2016, I hope this means that season 4 will be as good as the previous seasons. More time to come up with something quite decent.

  3. I’m with poss. Really enjoyed Rake but hope that S4 doesn’t leave us wondering why they bothered.

    And yeah, Zoe Norton-Lodge is a great find. Nice to see her getting a bit of a run on Media Circus (which has been good the last couple of eps now that it’s settled in).

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