Renovation Rumble reality coming to Nine in 2015

Nine will pit contestants from The Block against contestants from House Rules in a new renovation series.

2014-04-03_1620Nine will pit contestants from The Block against contestants from House Rules in a new renovation series, Renovation Rumble in 2015.

The series, to be produced by Julian Cress and David Barbour, is one of two new formats on Nine’s 2015 schedule.

Seven CEO Tim Worner revealed the show at the Screen Forever conference in Melbourne today.

2015 will be a big year of renovation on Free to Air TV including 2 x House Rules, 2 x The Block and Restaurant Revolution.

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  1. Why do these reno shows have to be a competition?
    Why not go into a house and show people how to do it without all the crap personalities getting in the way? I would watch then, I haven’t watched one since the first, and I’ll only watch this because it’s in my street.
    Incidentally, the houses they are working on are almost brand new to start and everything gets thrown away.

    1. I totally agree Jane. Watching the ‘contestants’ doing retakes of their scripted ‘real comments’ is a joke. I live on the same block (just around the corner) and are just as bewildered as you as to why they are doing this to houses that have just been renovated. It’s not much fun when you can’t walk the dog without avoiding booms and cameras. Not to mention to noise from the generators. They may adhear to EPA laws re tools down but those generators never stop. All these shows achieve is pushing up house prices and making people who don’t live in a beautifully styled and landscaped house feel lousy about their home. I’d never been too bothered by my five thick layers of paint (done cheaply and nasty) but it really bothers me now.

  2. I think this is genius. Nine cannibalises one of Seven’s marquee programs. Ten should do the same with MasterChef v MKR contestants (tho we all know who would win that). Or we could have a showdown between the top 4 in X Factor v top 4 in The Voice.

    Love The Block do not watch HR but will watch this new show.

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