Returning: Two Broke Girls

2014-11-02_1953Nine fast tracks Season Four of Two Broke Girls from tonight.

This will be a double episode from 10pm, with the first episode as a premiere.

“And the Reality Problem”
Max and Caroline are approached about shooting an episode of a Kardashians’ reality show at their cupcake window.

This began in the US last week.

10pm Monday on Nine.


  1. stevie g-I believe NOLA is stands for New Orleans,, Louisiana-LA is the US state code-the size of the country means there are often places with the same name in different states-happens here as well to a lesser extent-there are 2 ‘Perths’ here, one in WA and one in TAS…

  2. Can someone explain to me what exactly networks mean by ‘fast tracking’?
    My take is that it’s within 24hours, or maybe 48 hours at the most.

    This new 1st Ep of series 4 of 2 Broke Girls went to air a week ago, how the hell is that ‘fast tracking’ !

    • Usually means within a week or ‘before the next episode’ is broadcast. It wasn’t so long ago that networks would hold shows for 3+ months (some titles still do) so a week is still pretty fast. Remember that networks need adequate materials for publicity and preview in order to attract biggest audiences.

  3. Which means that new episodes of Embarrassing Bodies is out? Again? Channel Nine only played 3 new episodes, after what seemed like years of repeats, and niw it’s off again! Any word on a new time slot for Bodies?

  4. Nine don’t have any leeway to catch up for a production break because the eps aren’t available here til Tuesday. This is simply the first Monday Nine could put it on to compete with Seven who are struggling. It more about Nine having nothing that rates well rather than people wanting to watch it.

    2 Broke Girls is both unfunny and tasteless. It’s based on the premise that if a woman shouts offensive and racist comments really loud over an intrusive laugh track, that makes them funny. It and the Millers did poorly on their return Monday.

    And TBBT didn’t do great in its old Thursday night slot either (4.1 with 18-49s down 30% on last year).

  5. @Xephyrise

    I also would prefer networks fast tracking shows much quicker than they are and much closer to the US air date. The shows you mentioned are at least being fast tracked in some capacity. Its the shows that are not being fast tracked that who knows when they are going to be aired. For example seven has many dramas that are not being fast tracked. In their upfronts their schedule for next year appeared to be full of reality rubbish. So who knows where they are going to fit all that drama they are holding onto for next year when they plan to air two hours of reality rubbish per night.

  6. @ Xephyrise

    I disagree – giving the extra days leeway before showing here means that on weeks when US does not screen the series (and that is common) means we can catch up without a break in the continuity.

  7. So 2 Broke Girls joins the list of US shows to have been “fast”-tracked this season, but I feel that the FTA networks are cheating the viewers (i know, huge shock) because instead of same-day or next day fast-tracks, most of the shows this year are being shown at least 6 days after US airdate.

    This is not a complete list, but the following fall into the bracket of not-so-fast tracked, the numbers indicate number of days after US airdate: Blacklist (6), Agents of SHIELD (12), NCIS (6), NCIS: LA (14), NCIS: NOLA (11) Good Wife (14), Madam Secretary (10), Amazing Race (6), Scorpion (6) Resurrection (6). Most of those shows rate rather well, admittedly. I did a quick scan of the EPG and could only find TWO shows that air the same day as the US, Survivor on GO! and Homeland on TEN. I dont find that to be an acceptable strike rate.

    I hope this doesnt become the new norm, because it…

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