Richo + Jones on simulcast

2014-11-26_0118SKY News talk show Richo + Jones is now being simulcast on 2GB.

The show, featuring Graham Richardson & Alan Jones, is the first collaboration between SKY and Macquarie Radio Network.

SKY News Director of Editorial Development, Ian Ferguson said: “This classic battle of wills between two prominent political voices has been extremely well received by SKY News viewers in 2014 and we are excited to be able to bring this unique dimension of political debate to even more Sydneysiders via the city’s number one station; 2GB.”

8pm Tuesdays on SKY News.


  1. @Simmyv

    You do know that Richo is a former Labor minister?

    Sky has plenty of other Labor figures on their shows too. I guess you wouldn’t know seeing you admit to not watching it. Stick to watching the ABC if you want to only see Labor propaganda and no neutrals.

  2. How beautiful two media organisations who espouse the virtues of the right wing side of politics. And are renowned as a propaganda arm of the liberal party joining forces .lucky sky news viewers are so small you can count them on one hand .no one is watching guys .And they say the ABC is biased.

  3. Makes sense, but could be awkward if Sky News breaks away for breaking news leaving 2GB with dead air. Richo + Jones is not fimed in the Sydney Sky News studio, but a private for hire studio nearby.

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