SBS 2 now streaming The Feed

SBS gets down with the kids who want to watch The Feed online instead of limiting it to broadcast.

2013-05-17_0130This week SBS 2 began streaming its News and Current Affairs program The Feed, available online simultaneously with its terrestrial broadcast.

This move is in recognition of younger audiences increasingly consuming content on new platforms.

An SBS spokesperson told TV Tonight, “It’s early days of the online streaming so we are softly launching this while we perfect the technology.

“The online streaming coincides with the launch of the program’s new look website, which will allow audiences to catch up on episodes On Demand, browse the show’s back catalogue by topic, or look specifically for regular segments like Douche Of The Week, Counter Culture, and Lee Lin Chin.”

The show’s website will also feature additional content to support feature stories, and previews for the week ahead.

Streaming from 7:30pm AEDT via sbs.com.au/thefeed.

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  1. I find some stories they run quite interesting so I generally watch those segments either through the sbs on demand windows phone app or their official youtube page. I don’t think its something that’s worth spending the time and money on streaming. Its not a live news or sport. What I would prefer sbs did is find a way to enable the same selection of shows to be available on all their devices. For example went to watch Michael Mosely Shoud I eat meat? and this show wasn’t available on windows phone but was available on pc site and apple device.

  2. Streaming TV is all well and good, but you try explaining to an aged person how to use it (assuming they even have Internet access and/or enough data allowance).

    This is exactly why Malcolm’s idea to shift community TV to online streaming is bad, it adversly affects the elderly and the poor, who typically have no/poor internet access, for one reason or another.

    In case anyone wants to dispute how important this all is, the majority of our population is *not* the young and is less so with each passing year.

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