Scheduling impacts on more Janet King

2014-04-16_2102Earlier this month I tried to address questions about more Janet King noting that Marta Dusseldorp’s coy “Maybe…” response about a second season, hinted at optimism.

But the show was not on the ABC list for 2015 highlights, issued last week.

Today I can add some context to things, although it probably isn’t what fans will want to hear.

At the Screen Forever conference ABC Channel Controller Brendan Dahill told me he “would love to have more Janet King, but Marta is doing 2 seasons of A Place to Call Home for Foxtel….. and she is Janet King.”

Foxtel’s season begins shooting around April, so the prospects of more Janet King seem to have slipped somewhat from view.

At least for the time being…


  1. harrypotter1994

    This sucks but is understandable, absolutely love the Crownies Characters – some of my fave on TV.

    But at the same time APTCH has more loose ends, so its good to see more of that and any new Marta is better then none!

  2. GAH – damn! Thanks for chasing this up David. Although you have to wonder, they seem to shoot TV at a cracking pace, surely she’d have the time…she’d be exhausted, but we’d be happy!

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