Seven hearts morning TV (and graphs too)


We must be nearing the end of the year.

Today Seven sent through two graphs which show how the network has been performing across the year on both Sunrise and The Morning Show.

Seven will easily won both these battles against Nine, and other players for that matter.

Sunrise (red line) has seen audiences lift to as high as 400,000 as demonstrated by this graph from 7-9am across the Calendar year. While breakfast shows air earlier, 7-9am is the ratings standard used by each network in this battle, although this graph does include non-rating weeks too. Today is coloured as a blue line.

7mornThe Morning Show (red) has seen figures close to 200,000 as this graph shows the gap over Nine’s Mornings (blue). This graph is for weeks 5-45 (although the small print incorrectly notes wks 1-45).

Last time Seven sent out this kind of graph Nine responded with a primetime gap showing their dominance in the 6pm News.

At least they were agreed on the colour coding.



  1. What’s the point of these graphs? It just shows that all 4 shows pretty much stayed in the same position all year long, relative to each other.

    Sunrise went up, Today went up. Today went down, Sunrise went down.

  2. Such a shame that studio 10 has low numbers as it’s the best morning show on TV. If I were 10 I’d move it to after 11am So it’s not competing as clearly 7 and 9 have loyal followers of morning shows .

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