Seven’s big bucks beaten by Big Bang replay

Ratings: Seven's million dollar gamble lifts slightly for its finale, but remains one of the year's most expensive exercises.

tbadLast night Seven Network gave away the biggest cash prize in their history, at $1,000,000 to an Adelaide tradie on The Big Adventure.

But it will go down as the night they were beaten by a repeat of The Big Bang Theory on Nine, exponentially at a fraction of the cost.

Seven’s reality series managed 649,000 viewers for the moment the winner was announced, and averaged 628,000 across its 2+ hour finale, a rise on recent episodes. Television has always been a gamble but unfortunately not every risk will pay off. Still, at least it didn’t sink below 500,000 again which would have equalled $2 a viewer. It’s highly unlikely we will see the show again.

Monday also saw ABC and TEN become more competitive, with 4 of 5 networks at 20% share or more.

Seven network won the night with 26.6% then Nine 26.2%, ABC 23.0%, TEN 20.0% and SBS 3.7%

Seven News (1.01m / 967,000) was best for Seven then Home and Away  (882,000), The Big Adventure (649,000 / 628,000 / 628,000) and Million Dollar Minute (481,000).  Agents of SHIELD was 247,000.

The Big Bang Theory (1.04m / 945,000) led for Nine then Nine News (1.02m / 1.02m), A Current Affair (926,000), Hot Seat (598,000), Big Brother (573,000) and 2 Broke Girls (322,000).

Australian Story (996,000) topped ABC followed by ABC News (890,000), 7:30 (880,000), Four Corners (792,000), Media Watch (719,000) and Q & A (647,000 / 52,000).

Gold Coast Cops (772,000 / 737,000) performed well for TEN. Territory Cops was 722,000 / 643,000 -both at season highs. TEN Eyewitness News was 628,000, The Project was 588,000 / 466,000. SVU was 350,000 and Homeland was just 124,000.

Tough night for SBS ONE with Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design (187,000), The Real Man’s Road Trip (137,000), SBS World News (128,000), Brooklyn Nine-Nine (99,000) and Housos (69,000).

7TWO’s Judge John Deed (335,000) led multichannels.

Sunrise: 371,000
Today: 288,000
ABC News Breakfast: 71,000 / 46,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 24 November 2014

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  1. Well said, ilovetv.
    I watched every episode (mainly because I was in the app competition!), but it never hit the mark the way MKR and Survivor do, both because they are about social interaction. This felt cold and distant from beginning to end, the only exception being the final interactions and opinions of Natalia.

  2. I feel like that Survivor is successful because it is a show about human relationships on the island. This tried to be better by adding all of the tacky challenges and digging. Yes Survivor has these elements with their challenges and the looking for hidden idols (somthing more recent) but only to be used in the framework of a game about human interaction. TBA had an almost compleate focus on the challenges/diggingand almost no focus on the interaction between a pretty dull cast (probabily lovely people in real life but not good TV).

    That is not to mention the horrible Jeff Prohest rip off, the over use of confessionals/talking heads/Diary room interviews, the fact that the living conditions were not made to be as hard as possible for the contestants, draging things on (like the digging and challenges), the team pick eliminations and the stupid phases that were said by the host at the…

  3. I happened to watch a bit of the first episode, and I recall these little gems that I took note of on my phone at the time (if I hadn’t known better, I would have sworn it were a parody)…

    [Contestant’s oar breaks while he is canoeing]
    Contestant: Oh, [bleep]ing hell!
    [Cut to Studio]
    Contestant: And I was like, “no way!”

    [Host driving up the “stakes”]
    “This is what the competition is all about!”

    [“Disappointed” contestant in studio]
    Contestant: [Near monotonously] I feel like crying. (note the lack of an exclamation point)

    Just stupid, stupid, stupid.

  4. Well, at least we now know what a gold-plated turd costs; $1.59 per viewer. It didn’t even crack the Top 20 for the night without snipping out the tiny bit that represents the show’s peak audience.

  5. Seven take note: you did it in The Mole, you did it in Amazing Race: Australia and now The Big Adventure and all underperformed.

    Viewers do not want the studio cut ins with contestants telling us what we have just seen.

  6. TBA was hideous. Watched one challenge which seemed lifted from The Amazing Race.

    Very unlikeable contestants plus very boring games. I could not be bothered seeing who won so switched to Four Corners then Q&A

  7. I was fully prepared to watch The Big Adventure, even PVR’d the first episode to watch the following night. But as soon as I read it had been given the MKR treatment of 90min+ episodes on multiple times per week with heavy contestant studio narration cut aways, then I could not be bothered and hit delete. Since then I haven’t even seen a couple of minutes of the show.

  8. @David – Yes Homeland is most likely out for a week as in the US it isn’t on again until December 07th US time (last nights episode was on in the US on Nov 23rd which was yesterday our time), this is what happens with fast-tracking US shows often.

  9. Given all the comments on TEN’s facebook page about the later timeslot for Homeland, it’s only going to get worse when they realise it’s out of the schedule next week with no notice. Networks really need to be more open and transparent with viewers.

  10. When they didn’t allow the Survivor comparisons to be mentioned you just knew that Seven had ripped off another format for their own use without the licence fee.
    Cut the talking heads to a minimum unless the are adding something to the story not rehashing it.

  11. Homeland has been dumped as a result, after cliffhanger with 3 episodes to go in the series. It’s been replaced by Blue Bloods. What exactly are Ten going to do with 3 eps of Homeland. I guess that same thing they have done with the last 3 eps of S6 of Nurse Jackie.

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