Soft start for the week but 60 Minutes beats The Big Adventure

Ratings: Just 2 shows above 1 million viewers, with ABC and TEN both ranking first & second at 8:30pm.

2014-11-03_1008We begin the week with just one network and two shows over the million viewer mark, while debate rages about whether Daylight Saving or a lack of enticing shows are more to blame for a drop in viewership.

With Melbourne amid its “long weekend” for Cup Day, there were lower numbers in that market also impacting.

But the news for both The Big Adventure and Gotham is not encouraging, both hitting new lows. Meanwhile ABC and TEN ranked first & second in the 8:30 timeslot.

Nine network won with 28.0% then Seven 27.3%, TEN 20.2%, ABC 18.4% and SBS 6.1%.

60 Minutes (1.17m) topped the night for Nine then Nine News (1.12m), The Embassy (833,000) and Gotham (527,000 / 393,000).

Seven News (983,000) was best for Seven while Sunday Night (887,000) won its timeslot.  While the timeslot switcheroo worked for Sunday Night, The Big Adventure slipped further to 597,000, while Resurrection was 380,000 / 314,000.

Modern Family has been rebuilding for TEN, second in its timeslot at 718,000 / 631,000. Scorpion was 561,000 while NCIS: New Orleans (539,000) was also second in its timeslot. TEN Eyewitness News was 369,000, Graham Norton was 294,000 and Bondi Rescue was 259,000.

ABC News did well at 862,000 while Fleming: The Man Who Would be Bond (595,000) won its timeslot. Doctor Who (541,000 / 107,000) and Compass (405,000) followed. A Sunday Arts doco was 106,000.

Greeks Romans Vikings: The Founders of Europe again led SBS ONE on 319,000. Gough Whitlam: In His Own Words (222,000), SBS World News (134,000) followed. Cave of Forgotten Dreams was 71,000.

7TWO’s Escape to the Country (293,000 / 259,000) led multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 2 November 2014

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  1. I watched Scorpion….Escape to the Country…
    Resurrection…tweaked my interest with the boy coming back…then others…now masses…meh…like Under the Dome…lost its way…got silly…for me.

  2. Very poor viewing lately across the board, think the channels will have to do re-shuffling or re-programming to get viewers back, there seems to be very few shows that are of interest to people these days.

  3. @pete resurrection is showing a double episode next week at 8:45. 7 will have fully caught up to the US which means they can’t show resurrection the following week, I think this is where they will do the switcheroo

  4. There shouldn’t be double eps so late every week. It’s alienating audiences.
    And the networks should realise they don’t need a reality offering all the time, just stick with drama or comedy.
    Modern Family was good though.

  5. @ Pete: That 2nd Gotham episode definitely caught me out. I had no idea until it actually began.

    9 must stop making such late changes to their schedule (also see the on-again/off-again Arrow last Tuesday), or else it’s really goona annoy people to the point of not bothering to watch after missing an episode.

  6. Other than lazy programming I still don’t get why Seven and Nine in particular insist on double episodes of shows starting after 8.30.

    It is the quickest way to drive down ratings of a show – at our place we almost didn’t notice the second ep of Gotham last night (as was a last minute change) and only ended up watching one of them anyway – the second one left for later in the week now.

  7. Ressurection will be moved on those numbers. Probably 10.00 with new Castle back next week at 9.00.

    Surprising for Gotham – second episode snuck in at last minute might have caught a few by surprise.

  8. Struggled to find much to watch last night. Tried 7 News in Sydney, but even that was hard to watch – very dramatic and over the top. Saw the first story on Sunday Night, which was okay but hard to believe. Then watched a movie online as there was nothing else on for the rest of the night!

  9. Winning 8:30pm Sunday with 595k is pretty dire. The ABC can get 500-600k showing anything without ads for the over 60s.

    Gotham is OK but not great. It’s genre show not well suited to Sunday night family around the TV viewing, and it doesn’t pair well with 60 Minutes losing half the lead-in.

    Resurection I never saw the point of. It isn’t well written and is based around a gimicky mystery that didn’t go anywhere. S2 isn’t doing well in the US either.

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