TEN 2015 schedule grid


A rare network glimpse last night of how TEN sees its year shaping up, divided into 4 quarters and summer book-ends.

Obviously this isn’t the full slate, but an indication of roughly what periods of the year we will see key shows.

Early evenings see TEN Eyewitness News, Family Feud and The Project across the year. The Living Room and US content also play across the year.

Quarter 1 is all new content with I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, Shark Tank and Gogglebox. Presumably The First ANZACs also goes here.

Masterchef Australia upholds Quarter 2 with Have You Been Paying Attention? coming into play (finally a strong lead in for the latter).

Quarter 3 is the most interesting with an unnamed entertainment show to be introduced. TEN will need more here than 1 feature brand, given there are at least 3 in other quarters.

The final chapter sees not one but two Bachelor / Bachelorette titles -an interesting approach given other networks stagger their double seasons across the year. Biggest Loser (referred to as TBL Families on a few occasions last night) moves to the back half of the year, as previously tipped. That will move it away from My Kitchen Rules but face new competition.

Big Bash cricket book-ends the year.

No hints at where new dramas will play. It also looks like no decision has been made yet on Recipe to Riches, not unreasonable given it is still on air.

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  1. With the unconfirmed franchise, I reckon its Life In a Glass House, This Is Your Life and Thank God You Are Here. Whatever happened to Can of Worms as Bev back in January said “not this year” which gave me the impression that it will be back in 2015, Wanted and even Batavia as Bev also said “that it is shooting this year but will air in 2015”

  2. Ten has a hit on its hands with I’m A Celebrity. Shark Tank also has potential. Scheduling The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in the same quarter is a mistake. Here’s hoping Laurina is the first Bachelorette. Ten does Australian drama so well therefore it is disappointing it hasn’t confirmed any dramas other than Wonderland.

    Ten needs to rebuild its news brand. It had the best commercial network hour long news for years and now, working with limited resources it has reduced in quality. The addition of Late News and a morning bulletin would be a start.

    Natarsha Belling and Matt Doran are such great talent. Ten need to give them permanent gigs.

  3. In the US The Bachelor & Bachelorette series are alternated not shown at the same time. They would be better to bookend the year with a series of each not both at the same time.

  4. Personally l like the new line up. Will be watching The Bachelor and bachelorette. Masterchef.shark tank. Iacgmooh. The project. The living room. Svu. Ncis new orleans. Family feud. Neighbors. Shame about aussie drama as wonderland is boring and will give the biggest loser a miss would have preferred sytycd.

  5. The Bachelor is a relatively short format. Having both The Bachelor and The Bachelorette will probably enable Ten to fill the entire quarter, unlike this year where they were left with holes to plug in October. Relaunching Loser later in the year is smart. And although unlikely, I wish that new mid year format could be a resurrected Big Brother.

  6. I am very interested in the upcoming shows espically Shark Tank & Googlebox.

    As for speculation on the new program, I wouldn’t be surprised if they capitalise on the bad year that BB has been having (with its low ratings and bad fan reaction) with a program like BB but more closely to how ten did it when they had it.

  7. Secret Squirrel

    Hah, when I saw that pic on the front page I thought Q1 to Q4 were Ten’s channels (yes, I know they only have 3) and that they were going to road-block News and The Project across all of them like with Family Feud.

  8. Playing The Bachelor and The Bachelorette in the same quarter is just silly. Plus where is all the drama? Way too much reality tv for my liking. Offspring and Puberty Blues are gone by the looks of things and we are left with the weakest drama of the lot that TEN has and that is Wonderland. Poor form if you ask me. Its a boring schedule from Ten and i won’t be watching much on the network at all in 2015.

  9. @sillygostly,

    The Guardian recently (August) had a column about the great American shows which have failed in UK ratings – Good Wife, Masters of Sex, Nashville, Scandal.

    Sound familiar?

    Here’s a quote:

    “At this point, the most astute viewers may have noticed what all four of these shows have in common: they’re largely female-driven. That’s not to say men don’t watch them, but they are all shows predominantly written by women, which are unafraid to touch on women’s issues and contain numerous scenes in which women sit down and talk to other women about all manner of interesting topics unrelated to love.”

  10. I’m amazed that Ten have been screening The Good Wife fairly consistently, year in year out, despite its criminally low ratings.

    Someone at Ten (or the advertisers?) must really love the show.

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