TEN to pause local News bulletins for two weeks

2014-11-25_2339TEN will pause its local News bulletins for a two week period over Christmas / New Year, replacing presenters with Natarsha Belling in a national bulletin.

A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight, “We are not shutting down the Melbourne newsroom, or any other newsroom.

“We will have a team of reporters, producers and crews working across the country, covering local stories. We will be doing a national bulletin for two weeks, presented by Natarsha Belling.”

TEN airs a national weekend bulletin on Saturdays and Sundays but will extend the strategy to weekdays for two weeks.


  1. Its the way of the future for network news .wont be long before the others follow. Viewer numbers keep declining revenue keeps going down local bulletins have to be scrapped for cost efficiency .just too expensive .will still watch ten news love Natasha as the newsreader.her along with Sandra sully are my favourite newsreaders.

  2. If people don’t like if they’ll vote with their remotes and not watch it. I think the bigger issue is whether each city can really sustain 4 local news programmes into the future with the current and future tv/media landscape.

  3. A few things..

    – 5pm is outside the 6p-12a official ratings, so maybe Ten doesn’t care that much

    – In the US, Hawaii, Alaska, West Coast, Mountain and Central timezones all get network evening news 3-5 hours old

    – Maybe Ten will do a separate WA live edition from Sydney

    – Viewers in regional areas have been getting pre-recorded local news for a decade.

  4. I don’t think the people at TEN get it. If your in Qld your news will be 1 hour old and Sydney focused. In the past it’s also meant watching a story about, say, golf and how the finalists are going, but you’ve seen the winner on another channel because the sport was broadcast live into Qld.

    TEN have tried this before and the people, via social media, said it was a bad idea. What’s different this time?

  5. I’m in Brisbane and an hour in the news cycle can be a lifetime. It showed overwhelmingly in recent times forcing channel nine to introduce a local bulletin with Eva Milic.
    I really like Ms Belling but the delay is unacceptable and treats WA with total contempt.

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