TEN to pause local News bulletins for two weeks

2014-11-25_2339TEN will pause its local News bulletins for a two week period over Christmas / New Year, replacing presenters with Natarsha Belling in a national bulletin.

A TEN spokesperson told TV Tonight, “We are not shutting down the Melbourne newsroom, or any other newsroom.

“We will have a team of reporters, producers and crews working across the country, covering local stories. We will be doing a national bulletin for two weeks, presented by Natarsha Belling.”

TEN airs a national weekend bulletin on Saturdays and Sundays but will extend the strategy to weekdays for two weeks.


  1. Ditch the news all together and air more episodes of The Simpsons and Modern Family. Channels 7 & 9 have enough news bulletins to last us a lifetime – different presenters throughout the day presenting the same news from 5:30am to 7:30pm.

  2. Will it be 1 single bulletin replayed around the country, or simply 1 studio having to be lit up for presenting the news with it still being live, except of course for SA only being 30 minutes behind NSW. if it is a replay they shouldn’t bother (especially in WA) and put on the Simpsons

  3. LOL Rested! What a load of crap! They are testing it to see if it rates (which it won’t). I also love my Perth news team on Ten and can’t stand the National ones.

  4. If the ratings are very terrible would Ten change it as a result, or would they still persist with it. What in the world is this network doing as it only should be Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Years Day not two weeks
    @Bella – I won’t be watching it as I’d prefer BBL
    @Russell – I doubt that, look what the national bulletin on the weekend for example now that is terrible ratings, so I hope Ten quickly changes it
    @Den – so do I but I hope Ten comes to their senses and change it

  5. @jonno – True, so where has Ten been for the digital news revolution? Where is there digital news arm? Where is there online news, video, apps, feeds, websites – not existant.

    Nine and ABC have joined the digtal news move.

    Ten and Seven have stood still.

  6. On Media Watch the other night they were talking about the size of newspapers over the last 10 tears having shrunk in size and content due to lower sales. Get real people, TV is no different. With lower revenues coming in due to lack of viewers this will become the norm. we are in the middle of a huge technological revolution, similar to the industrial revolution.

  7. Ten News has been a joke for 2 years, no resources – no substance, Mickey mouse news that nobody takes seriously

    You can bet on it going National early next year to save money, this is a network getting stripped down and prepared for a fire sale…..

  8. Ten’s resources must be very short for this to even be considered.

    Even when Ten was fresh off mass redundancies in 1990, they still produced 1/2hr local news at 6 (as it was back then) with limited resources.

    I just hope this isn’t a excuse to cut the local news services on 10 if indeed it a national weekday 5pm bulletin is successful.

  9. I have not watched Ten news at 5 regularly for many years, i was however a semi regular viewer of the late edition & still mourn for it as there is now no late night news bulletin apart from ABC which tend to be too focused on overseas news.
    But to the point, if i were still watching 5pm i would sooner watch Natarsha anyday than Stephen Quartermain, he’s a sports reporter, not a news reader. He’s almost worse than Nick Etchells on 7.

  10. Try calling a Ten newsroom in any city over this time & you will only reach the Sydney newsroom as the other newsrooms will have only skeleton staff. Therefore by default you are only going to get mostly Sydney stories during this time unless something major happens in another city. Also this means in Brisbane the news won’t even be live due to daylight savings so Ten better hope nothing major happens that requires live crosses to Brisbane.

  11. Absolutely appalling. Ten have gone from having the best commercial news service to a comedy routine. The cuts have gutted newsrooms. With only one bulletin a day to produce, Peter Meakin is certainly on a good wicket.

  12. I couldn’t think of anyone better to present this (hopefully) 2 week national bulletin, but it wreaks of cheap and is obviously a result of the limited resources available.

    I watched a montage of some old TEN bulletins last night and it really showed how lacklustre their news service has become when it used to be so good, let’s hope they can rebuild it to it’s former glory one day.

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