Airdate: Get Grubby TV

The team behind dirtgirlworld is back to get your kids outdoors and into the garden.

2014-12-01_2330The team behind dirtgirlworld airs a new 30-minute special live action, Get Grubby TV, this Friday on ABC4KIDS.

Celebrating all things in the garden, expect mudpies, music, mayhem and mystery!

Get Grubby TV welcomes the return of Maree Lowes as the internationally beloved gumboot-wearing dirtgirl and Michael Balk in the role of her rakish recycling friend scrapboy. The duo is supported by a cast of 3 to 11-year-old ‘green thumbs’.

A mystery guest will take the story to new places in this garden-loving celebration of all things outside from growing – and eating – veggies in a community garden to making ‘pies’ in a specially-designed ‘mud kitchen’ at a child care centre. And of course it wouldn’t be dirtgirlworld without a good dollop of singing and dancing, with new music from co-creating composer Hewey Eustace.

8:30am Friday December 5 on ABC4KIDS.

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  1. Seeing the characters as real people actually takes a little getting used to. Hope it doesn’t freak out the littlies too much.

    Also, I hope the quality of music holds up from the usual 15 minute episodes. I’m unsure who’s responsible for it, but it’s seriously better than anything you will find on the charts, The Voice, Idol, X factor, etc…!

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