Axed in 2014

Axed, gone, not renewed ....here are the shows that departed our screens this year.

“Axed” is such a volatile word, usually interpreted as being extinguished mid-production.

In reality even more shows are simply not recommissioned, rather than “axed” outright.

But whether they were ended by a network, not renewed or called it quits of their own volition, here are the shows confirmed as discontinued (or announced final seasons).

The Aussie list is quite short, due largely to the reluctance by networks to confirm a show’s future. While we don’t yet know the fate for Big Brother, do we really expect Seven to be Bringing Sexy Back?


Wake Up,
At the Movies,
The Time of our Lives,
Foxtel Cup,
Big Ideas,
Spicks and Specks,
The Roast,
Thursday F.C.,
Slide Show,
Australia’s Got Talent,
A Place to Call Home (since renewed)
The Moodys

Sullivan and Son,
Hot in Cleveland*,
The Millers,
Franklin and Bash,
Witches of East End,
The Mentalist*
Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,
The Bridge (US)

Nurse Jackie*
Longmire (since renewed)
Lost Girl*
Dynamo: Magician Impossible*
Hello Ross,
Sam and Cat,
The Crazy Ones,

Super Fun Night,
Community (since renewed)
The Tomorrow People,
The Carrie Diaries,

Surviving Jack,
Almost Human,
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,
Raising Hope,
Being Human (US)
Piers Morgan Live,
Drop Dead Diva,
The X Factor (US)

The Newsroom,
Tia & Tamera,
Hell on Wheels*
Falling Skies*
Two and a Half Men*
Parks and Recreation*
White Collar*
Sons of Anarchy*

The Neighbors,
Bad Teacher,
Friends with Better Lives,
We Are Men,
Sean Saves the World,
The Michael J. Fox Show,
The Late Show with David Letterman*
The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,
The Colbert Report,
Chelsea Lately,


* final episodes pending


And here are some of the shows that aired final episodes, following earlier announcements:
Boardwalk Empire,
True Blood,
Warehouse 13,
The Big C,
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon,
The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,


NB: some episodes will still air in 2015.

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  1. Does anyone know if Channel 10/11 will be showing The Late Late Show with the fill in hosts and when James Corden commences in March? Also if they will continue showing The Late Show once Colbert starts too?

  2. Wake Up was OK but there were too many ads, and mainly the same ads playing over and over again. Hoping they try a new breakfast show as I am sick and tired of watching ABC Politics 24.

  3. Still no word on Offspring? Wake Up was a shambles but for the amount of money Ten had invested in it, it should have been given a revamp and longer to try and establish itself. Sunrise struggled in it’s infancy and look at it now. Studio Ten is a fabulous little show but still rates poorly. However, it remains on air because it’s a money spinner. Hopefully Ten stick with it and the audience builds.

  4. @unclepete @guy
    It used to be 100 episodes, 20 weeks of stripping, that formed the basic syndication block. However, with so few shows making it to 100 eps, shows with 4 seasons and 88+ eps and good rerun potential are being sold for syndication.

    Perception is a short season show so only has 38 eps. It would have to be renewed for 3.5 more seasons to be syndicated, and that isn’t economic.

  5. Any whispers about Ten attempting another Breakfast show? They’ve admitted themselves how crucial it is to have a morning audience to advertise the evening shows. How can Ten build a solid audience base missing out on the Sunrise and Today rating’s pie?

    I think Studio 10 now as an established brand might get an earlier timeslot?

  6. I wish TEN hadn’t axed “Wake Up”. I thought it was pretty good. But I do hope they come up with a new morning show to replace it. What they’re showing at the moment (except for Studio 10) is pretty boring.

  7. @ Guy – “Whatever happened to the 4 season rule about syndication?”

    The “rule” is not based on seasons, but on episode numbers and that number is widely taken to be 100. This means that most shows (with an episode order of 22-23) would need more than 4 seasons to comply. With many of the higher quality shows (IMO) now only having seasons of 13 episodes it is unlikely that many of them will ever reach the magical 100.

    However that 100 number is most definitely not set in stone. For example the first series of Star Trek was syndicated with episodes of less than 100 (it had 79 “official” episodes). Before and since then there have been many other shows with less than the 100 mark. Apparently the walking dead was syndicated with only 51.

  8. I think its a sign of strength of the US industry this year that the extensive list of shows ended on their own terms or cancelled because they weren’t good enough contains no real devastating news, still a lot of excellent stuff coming out of the US/Canada and UK.

    Personally – its a shame to see Boardwalk Empire, Sons of Anarchy, Parks and Recreation and Suburgatory finish up but they all had a good run. Community was rightfully picked up as its so brilliant. I will miss At the Movies.

    Australian TV seems mired in an ever decreasing spiral of recycled cheaper manufactured reality / cooking / dancing / shiny floor / panel formats. As you say – they can’t cancel anything because the same dross will be remixed and served up to the public next year.

  9. This really highlights how bad the American TV industry is. Sure they have a handful of hits but so many wasted shows each and every year. They cancel some good ones too. Perception is a surprise to me. Season 3 and then cancelled? Whatever happened to the 4 season rule about syndication? Plus America pulls shows too soon too. Doesn’t let them have a chance.

  10. Nikita*

    GEM announced S3 of Longmire for 2014 but I don’t think they ever showed it.

    APTC and Longmire were picked up by different networks, which leaves Reckless as the only show I’d liked to have seen more of. It was the best summer show but Under The Dome and Extant got renewed and it didn’t.

    Young, Lazy and Driving Us Crazy is another Seven show that is unlikely to be back.

  11. Gee, it shows just how huge the industry in America really is these days; that’s a lot of productions that have bitten the dust. I must have missed the Parenthood announcement. Sad about that.

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