Danger 5 marathon

2014-12-21_1441Ahead of the new season of cult comedy Danger 5, SBS 2 will be screening the first season in a binge marathon.

All 6 episodes will air in early January before the new season begins.

Set in a bizarre, 1960’s inspired version of World War II, action comedy series Danger 5 follows a team of five international, super skilled, super good-looking spies on a mission to kill Adolf Hitler (Carmine Russo). Danger 5 are the finest group of special operatives the Allies have to offer: Jackson (David Ashby) from the USA, Tucker (Sean James Murphy) from Australia, Ilsa (Natasa Ristic) from Russia, Claire (Amanda Simons) from Britain and Pierre (Aldo Mignone) from Europe.

In each episode Danger 5 unravels another of Hitler’s diabolical schemes as they travel across a myriad of exotic locations to the farthest corners of the globe. The action and offbeat humour is relentless as Danger 5 mounts a series of thrilling missions which include discovering Josef Mengele’s (Robert Tompkins) perverted Antarctic death circus, busting down Erwin Rommel’s(Brendan Rock) golden murder casino and posing as exotic dancers in an attempt to take out Hitler at his own birthday party.

Danger 5 evokes a fusion of James Bond action, Thunderbirds miniatures, 1960s cigarette commercial sex appeal, Power Rangers monsters, afro-cuban jazz grooves, Star Trek sets, Mario Bava lighting, New Hollywood pathos and more than a touch of Adam West Batman all into one captivating audio-visual experience. All of these elements combine to create a distinctly unique fantasy universe providing an over-sexed interpretation of what the world would look like if the Second World War happened in 1968.

Saturday, 3 January at 9.20pm on SBS 2.


  1. 10? There were only 6 episodes in the first season, plus a Pilot episode titled “The Diamond Girls” that was released on YouTube ahead of the series premiere on SBS (it was released as five individual videos, but when combined, is as long as any other regular Danger 5 episode).

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