Last ever Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

Video: Ferguson bows out with guest Jay Leno, a star-studded musical number and Geoff the robot skeleton.

ELEVEN will tonight screen the last ever episode of The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson.

He departs the show after 10 years, to be replaced by James Corden. But Ferguson is tipped to return with a new early evening show.

“I’m not stopping doing it, I’m stopping doing this,” he has said.

His final guest was Jay Leno and the show included a star-studded musical number, Geoff the robot skeleton, and a sequence that blended together the finales of Newhart, St. Elsewhere and The Sopranos.

“You came to a show that was like, let’s be honest, was a bit of a fixer-upper and it kind of stayed that way,” he said. “But what I hope we’ve done is – maybe art is a very grand word, but what I was trying to do here — and what I think we manged to do here — is make something that wasn’t here before. So in that sense, maybe it is a piece of art.”

11:30pm tonight on ELEVEN.

Source: BBC

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  1. @Pertinax – CBS producing the talk shows now makes sense to a few other rumours I’ve read on news sites like Variety and Screenrant. One being that Craig Ferguson’s new talk show for Tribune Media will be filmed on his current set (well the one he just left), plus it will be syndicated on Tribune’s CBS affiliated stations with some coming on board on January 01st 2015.


    “On August 11, 2014, CBS and Tribune Broadcasting announced that WTTV would become Indianapolis’ CBS affiliate beginning on January 1, 2015. The deal, which was part of an agreement that also renewed the CBS affiliations on Tribune-owned stations in five other markets, was driven by CBS’ desire for reverse retransmission consent compensation from its affiliates; WISH-TV had been in negotiations to renew its agreement with the network, but station management reportedly balked at CBS’ demands. This led to…

  2. Enjoyable last show, very sad to see it go. Good to see Fallon on ABC2, but don’t like the way ABC edit it to remove anything that appears a commercial sometimes, like with Will.I.Am a while ago. If they are going to edit it, drop it & let Comedy Channel put it back on.

  3. @Cam Reed
    Rumours are the Eleven deal with CBS is locked in and that is one of the reasons Time Warner walked away. It covers cheap access to CBS’s library of old shows.

    When Letterman goes CBS is ending its relationship with Worldwide Pants (Letterman’s production company) and producing The Late Late Show with James Corden inhouse. CBS will probably offer it on the market, to who ever wants it.

  4. @Ruddeger – Thanks for that info, it actually makes a little sense though as if TEN are up for sale then I would guess that the CBS/Eleven joint venture will probably be over as well. With Fairfax and Nine’s Stan doing a deal with CBS and getting a lot of the stuff Eleven had (all the Star Treks, Californication and etc), I wonder if they’ll pick-up the talk shows as well.

  5. In the words of Craig Feguson “It’s a sad day for Australia.” Such a weird year for late night talk show programming Eleven is using library content for late night wonder what CBS is thinking. The Comedy Channel must be thinking there is a major opportunity now to select Conan, Jimmy Kimmel or Late late show with James Corden.

  6. It will be interesting to see whether or not TEN will air Colbert and Corbin. Given they are just cheap late night fillers available thanks to TEN’s output agreement with CBS I would be more shocked if they didn’t acquire the new series’, but at the same time I assume Comedy is still looking for a new late night show to fill the gap left by Fallon – and given Colbert is a Comedy alumni I could see it being up for contention. But of course this is all armchair proposition.

  7. Hi David! It was a joy to discover Craig when Eleven started, and will miss him hugely (not forgetting Geoff Peterson and the fake horse of course). Just curious, how many viewers did TLLS on Eleven get on average, David? I expect not much!! If it would be possible to report the figures for his final show, that would be great, but I know you’re on holiday, so…thanks anyway! All the best for the new year.

  8. Are there puppets? They disappeared when the show was renewed and got the new set.

    Ferguson is going to “walk the earth, solving crimes”. Which is code for he can’t say anything for legal reasons.

    He also hosts a game show, Celebrity Name Game, and still does stand up and voice acting.

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