Michael wins Recipe to Riches 2014

2014-12-09_1705Queensland concreter Michael Cainero has won TEN’s Recipe to Riches series for 2014 with his Chunky Pork & Apple sausages.

He defeated six other finalists based on supermarket sales, landing him $100,000 and a business partnership with Woolworths.

But while Darcy Taylor’s Choc Bombs also hit sales targets,C ainero was declared the winner because his King of Sausages, Chunky Pork & Apple reached their sales target the fastest.


“I’m absolutely speechless,” he said.

“It’s been a dream but you just don’t expect something like this to happen.”

The win comes after watching daughter Izzy has been battling  leukaemia.

“We’ve gone through a lot and now with the winnings we can enjoy life a little,” he said.

“Izzy is very excited because I told her if I win I’d get her a massive cubby house for the backyard.”

His King of Sausages, Chunky Pork & Apple sausages will be on sale in Woolworths stores nationally from January 5th.

TEN is yet to confirm if the show returns for a third season.


  1. Maev....Sydney

    I like the sausages all along….as there was not whole heap of additives in them….I was hoping they would win…but having said that…I have not tried them….not available when I tried to purchase…
    Remember folks…bottom line is what sells…
    And yes…the format needs some rethinking..my opinion only….

  2. I hoped the Choc Bombs would win as they were the only product I bought thid year. I would have bought the sausages if they hadn’t been pork.
    Hope RTR comes back next year.

  3. This show was OK last year but this year gained virtually no traction as it was pretty dull and more of the same. The winner was sausages, enough said….

    Even though this will probably be one of Ten’s top results for the year, For a Finale with an overnight result of 487,000 in a peak timeslot, this would not see the light of day again on a major channel like 7 or 9.

  4. Seems strange they wouldn’t continue with the momentum of the show and have them on the shelves today rather then making people wait nearly a month for them. Whilst the idea of the sausages sounded good on the show, I was less then impressed when I tried them – far too sweet for sausages. I psesonally think Darcy’s Choc Bombs was a more deserving winner, based on the actual product. It will be interesting to see if it returns next year based on the ratings and inability to crack the top 20 for the finale especially out of ratings season.

  5. After producing one of the slicker reality competitions in Australia (and one of the few Australian shows I actually watch), I found this year’s finale to be rather lackluster. The person presenting the results at the end was boring and dull. There was no tension or drama. It was very robotic- here are the results. Here is the winner.
    I’m surprised this product one. It seemed the dullest out of the lot. It would be interesting to compare the ratings for each week with the percentage of sales for each week’s winner. Surely that would factor in?
    Also, why not have a fan favourite- viewers vote for their most liked product, which gets a second shelf life for a month and a smaller prize for that winner.

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