Nine serves up FAST4 tennis

Nine will screen a "new tennis format" featuring Roger Federer, Lleyton Hewitt and Rafael Nadal.

2014-12-22_2235The Nine Network, in conjunction with Tennis Australia, will broadcast the global launch of a new tennis format FAST4 starring Roger Federer, Lleyton Hewitt and Rafael Nadal.

Nine Network’s Head of Sport, Steve Crawley, said: “Big names, fast games. At Nine’s Wide World of Sports we can’t wait to showcase this stunning new tennis format.”

The FAST4 format has been successfully piloted at tennis clubs across the country and is designed to offer players a fast alternative to traditional tennis. There are no advantage scores, lets are played, tie-breakers apply at three games all, and the first to four games wins the set. FAST4 will appeal to tennis fans and players of all ages and abilities, and is perfect for those keen to fit a fun and competitive tennis match into a busy lifestyle.

At the global launch in Sydney, Federer will showcase the new format against Australian champion Lleyton Hewitt. In Melbourne, Nadal will mix it up by taking on a trio of opponents including former world No.7 Fernando Verdasco, Mark Philippoussis and his compatriot Omar Jasika, the reigning US Open Junior champion.

Tennis Australia CEO Craig Tiley said the FASTA4 format is an exciting development for tennis, and is delighted that Federer, the seven-time Wimbledon champion, will be involved in the world premiere in Sydney.

“There is no doubt that Roger Federer is one the greatest tennis players we have ever seen. It is a major coup for us to work with him on the global launch of FAST4 in this world-first opportunity for Sydney,” Mr Tiley said.

“We see FAST4 as a game-changer that will revolutionise tennis, particularly at club and social levels. Time today is precious and FAST4 is perfect for any player who wants to fit tennis into a busy lifestyle.

“While Roger and Lleyton will play FAST4 within a traditional match format, Rafa is going to really mix it up. He is one of the most exciting and dynamic sportsmen in the world, and I can’t wait to see him take on not just one but three opponents at this special event.

“Rafa is also looking forward to premiering tennis at the recently completed Margaret Court Arena in Melbourne, which now fittingly has what we believe to be the world’s fastest retractable roof.”

Get ready as Australia prepares to showcase to the world the future of tennis – on Channel Nine.

FAST4 Matches
Monday, January 12, 2015
Qantas Credit Union Arena, Sydney
Marquee match: Roger Federer vs Lleyton Hewitt

Wednesday, January 14, 2015
Margaret Court Arena, Melbourne
Rafael Nadal will face a formidable trio, playing one set against both Mark Philippoussis and reigning US Open Junior champion Omar Jasika, and the best of five sets against former world No.7 Fernando Verdasco

Broadcast details will follow.

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  1. Channel 9 take a look at 7 and watch how they cover Tennis. Scores are up to date and court views are much lower and clearer. Commentators on 7 much more informative. If you want this to succeed you need to get it right.

  2. Some pretty negative feedback. I don’t mind tennis personally but my issue is that a good match lasts a good 5 hours. C now in the current climate I feel as though tennis will eventually fade out in this country and over the course of the next 20 years get over run by soccer. This country tennis was always the number 2 summer sport and at the moment you’d have a strong argument to place soccer second. I feel tennis needs to move with the times and to do this they need new innovative ideas. Cricket has test cricket, 50 over and t20. Tennis needs a shorter format. Whilst at the moment there is no incentives behind the project over time that will develop. Good move and watch for the ratings boom

  3. I love watching tennis but I won’t be watching this rubbish.

    Its just an exhibition match for a few multi-millionaires to make more millions.

    Like the silly exhibition matches that are going on in Dubai and Singapore at the moment.

    And what odds these multi-millionaire divas all complain about the long year they had when they get bundled out of the Australian Open 2015. Well the WTA and ATP schedule finishes around November and doesn’t start again until late December. The players have 4 weeks to rest before the Australian tennis season.

    If they choose to play these exhibition matches for extra money and then get injured or are too tired to play the Australian Open – its their own fault.

    And seriously a lot of these multi-millionaires don’t need the money.

    The Australian Open champions in 2015 will pocket about $2 million each…and if they are creative enough -…

  4. So they’re trying to make a 20/20 version of tennis. The dumbing down of sport for the general public lowest common denominator continues.
    Agree this should be on 7 – they are the home of Tennis in Australia and the Australian Open sets up their entire year.

  5. @oceanographer Try and ask that to the IPTL tennis event that was just held in December. Players keep on saying the season is too long but quite happily played. Roger, Novak, Maria, Serena, Caroline etc all were in Asia for the 2 weeks or so.

  6. Netball tried this a couple of months ago to boost its low popularity – it just seemed one giant joke. Tennis players are have a full schedule with grand slams, ATP tour games, and Davis Cup so there’s really no room for other than a one-off event. What is it with other sports trying to follow what cricket did with twenty20.

  7. Nines involvement with this surprises as nine never seemed to have much interest in tennis due to their poor treatment of Wimbledon when they had the rights to it. Viewers don’t forget things like this.

  8. This surprises me that its on Nine considering Seven and Tennis Australia have had this great association as they call it. I’m not sure on the format though. Will wait and see what its about.

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